5 Worst Bachelorette Leads Ever

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The fast-paced world of The Bachelorette leaves most people questioning the sanity of the contestants. Who on earth thinks they can date 25 men to become engaged after 6 weeks?! Well a lot of women, apparently! And we must admit, we love to watch the drama that ensues! Unfortunately, some of these romantic leading ladies left more to be desired and let we the people of Bachelor Nation, down big time! This list takes a look at some of the worst Bachelorette leads ever!

5. Jen Schefft

Not only was Jen Schefft the sloppy seconds of Bachelor babe Andrew Firestone, she also wasn’t fully committed to the whirlwind process of being the bachelorette on season 3! Her season was so boring and uneventful, that at the finale she didn’t get even get engaged! She began a relationship with competitor Jerry Ferris after insisting he remain standing and not get down on one knee, but the romance dwindled quickly and it was clear the bachelor method wasn’t for Jen. We watch the show for love and drama! This season had neither! Epic Bachelorette fail!

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4. Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn Bristowe was both loved and hated by Bachelorette fans across the nation, but was a clear choice for this list because of the vast amount of heat she took for hooking up with the villainous Nick Viall! Not only did she let him join her season part way through, she also went all the way with him pretty early on, to many fans dismay. He remained as a competitor in the top two, alongside the snore-fest personal trainer, Shawn Booth. And these cats had nothing but sheer animosity for one another! While that was amusing to watch, it proved that both men were less than gentlemanly and quite clearly immature. Kaitlyn wound up choosing Shawn! Zzzz… Bachelor Nation is dozing off with you!

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3. Ali Fedotowsky

Ali Fedotowsky seemed lovable…at first. After appearing on Jake Pavelka’s season and proving her dedication to her career, she seemed like the obvious choice to be the bachelorette. Unfortunately, her season was lacklustre and Ali only proved that she was a whiny drama queen. She’s gone onto become one of the most successful Bachelorette contestants of all-time with a career in show biz, but her all-American girl image is no longer and we all know she’s moody and annoying!


2. Meredith Philips

If you’re asking who Meredith Philips is, you’ve tapped the nail on the head for how she landed on this list! Her season was utterly forgettable! She also seemed to pull the old switch-a-roo at the last minute when she selected vagabond Ian McKee instead of Matthew Hickl, to whom she had previously declared her hope for an engagement ring and proposal. After her fated split from Ian she went on to publish a cook book. Way to go!

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1. Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard is a beauty queen and a half and she certainly earned fans’ caps off when she went hood-rat on a contestant that referred to her daughter Ricki as “baggage.” But let’s face it! Her prim and proper way left fans pleading for more drama! And her facade of perfection only faded after the show when rumors surfaced that she was carrying out the relationship with Jef Holm for publicity and fame. The two were also accused of infidelity on both ends and Jef supposedly called Emily a bad mom who is miserable all of the time. Why couldn’t this have been on the air?! Many peoples’ love for Emily has continued for her seeming down-home values, but since when did that make for good reality television?! Let’s get serious!

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