Things You Didn’t Know About Jon Bon Jovi And Dorothea Hurley’s Relationship

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John Francois Bongiovi Jr., aka Jon Bon Jovi, has been one of the world’s most popular rock stars for decades, but he and his wife Dorothea Hurley have defied the odds when it comes to rockstar marriages and have been going strong for almost three decades. Despite being one of the most popular couples in the music industry, there is still a lot that fans don’t know about them. Three decades of marriage has brought the pair through all of the highs and lows of fame which have made for many challenges and also triumphs for the couple. Here are 12 things you never knew about the amazing couple and their relationship:

12. How They Met

Like so many other couples, John Francois Bongiovi Jr. and Dorothea Hurley met in school! The adorable pair first met back in 1980 when they were in the same history class in high school, and at the time Hurley was actually dating a friend of John’s. “I was doing nothing to help my studies along,” Bon Jovi recalled later. “It started with just trying to look over her shoulder at test answers, to making small talk.” After Hurley’s boyfriend enlisted in the Navy, however, things changed between the pair and he didn’t wait too long to make his move. “He left town, and hey, you know the five-second rule when you drop a piece of toast on the ground? I gave him three weeks. We started dating, and that was the end of that,” the rocker shared.



11. The Breakup

Although the two have most definitely been in it for the long haul, the pair did have a brief split in the mid-’80s. Four years into their relationship, the pair broke-up just as Bon Jovi was heading into stardom, and the rocker began dating actress Diane Lane. His romance with Lane only lasted a short while as she also reportedly began dating Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, and John and Lane’s fling was over by 1985. He later revealed in an interview with Behind the Music that he knew he only wanted to be with Hurley and shortly after his breakup with Lane tried to win her back.  “I went to her mom’s house, and did the whole, you know: ‘You’ve got to come with me. I wanna be back together [thing].” He joked, “And she fell for it.”