12 Things You Didn’t Know About Harry Connick Jr. And Jill Goodacre’s Relationship

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Celebrity couples come and go, but a few have defied the usual Hollywood odds and stuck together through the ups and downs of fame, including beloved entertainer Harry Connick Jr. and former supermodel Jill Goodacre. The pair met back in the ’90s and have since battled some tough challenges, celebrated some amazing moments and have never been shy to share about their romance and relationship. Here 12 things you never knew about the stunning and talented pair and their relationship:

12. How They Met

Although many outlets report that the handsome entertainer and gorgeous Victoria’s Secret supermodel met at a party in 1991, it was actually much more low-key. “We were both out in California staying at the same hotel. I was checking out and he was swimming in the pool. Thankfully, he came up for air and saw me walk by! He introduced himself, and it was truly love at first sight,” Goodacre said of their meeting in the early ’90s. Connick added, “When I introduced myself, I wasn’t trying to ask her on a date or anything. But she is such an amazing beauty that the physical attraction was so strong. I never saw anybody that beautiful in person before.”

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11. Instantly Smitten

For their first date, the two went to lunch, but they both knew things were already going to be serious even if they didn’t say it out loud. “I was so smitten that I held up filming an Italian TV show for two hours. It was his big blue eyes and his Southern drawl that were the biggest turn-ons,” Goodacre said of their great first date. She also admitted that before their first date she already knew he was the man she wanted to marry. “Instantly, within 30 seconds of meeting him. There was something very intense between us.” Connick added in a separate interview, ” What’s really funny is that [Jill] called her mom that night [the night they met] and said, ‘I met the guy I’m going to marry.’ Of course she didn’t let me know.”

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