12 Soap Opera Couples Who Will Get Back Together In 2018

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Love makes the world go around in the land of daytime drama, and every soap fan has their favorite super couple. Sadly though, even these couples go through their ups and downs, and as strong as a romantic twosome are, no relationship lasts forever on a soap. The good news is that despite break up, power couples often gravitate back together. As such, below are 12 soap opera couples who are bound to reunite in 2018.

12. Y&R’s Nikki and Victor Newman

Yes, the Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Nikki and Victor are together right now in some weird arrangement that seems to suit them, but the fact of the matter is that they aren’t together on good terms. That will probably change at some point this year. There is a tremendous amount of love between these two and they can break up 100 times only to make up 101.

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11. Days’ Sonny Kiriakis and Will Horton

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) first-ever male-male couple in Salem raised awareness around same-sex relationships and shattered misconceptions. Sonny has so much love for Will, even though Will does not at the current moment. While Horton seems to be smitten with Paul, it’s only a matter of time before WilSon comes back together, probably stronger than ever thanks to this recent obstacle.

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10. GH’s Maxie Jones and Damian Spinelli

Maxie is still reeling right now from the death of her husband and the father of her unborn child, Nathan West. However, General Hospital (GH) fans are all too aware of the incredible relationship she has with other baby-daddy, Damian Spinelli. The two had excellent chemistry back in the day, currently share a unique friendship, and co-parent flawlessly. Will Spinelli help Maxie deal with this recent tragedy? Probably. Here’s hoping we will see Maxie move Spinelli out of the friends’ zone sometime in 2018.

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9. Y&R’s Phyllis Summers and Jack Abbott

Jack was devastated by Phyllis’ affair with his brother Billy in 2016 and shut his former flame completely out of his life. Like most things in life, time heals all wounds and it seems as if all three parties have moved on. In fact, Jack and Phyllis are no longer mortal enemies — they are actually friends again. Everyone knows that the Philly relationship won’t last long, and if that is the case, here’s hoping that Phyllis returns back to the man that has treated the best over the years, Jack.

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8. GH’s Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome

Sure, there’s something brewing between Julian and Kim Nero, as well as Alexis and Hamilton Finn, but really, how long is that going to last? Julexis had a bad break up; however, the chemistry that lingers between these two is too strong to ignore. Perhaps Finn and Kim should hook up with each other and leave Alexis and Julian to do their thing in 2018.

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7. Y&R’s Victoria Newman and Billy Abbott

Vicky’s current beau, J.T. Hellstrom, is a little obsessed with his jealousy around Billy and Victoria’s past relationship. The two have been broken up for a long while and despite the fact that she placed the moves on him months ago, Abbott still chose to stay with Phyllis. There really is nothing going on between Billy and Vicky right now and yet J.T. sees what most Y&R fans see: two exes that still have feelings for each other. It doesn’t take a fortune teller to see that Vicky is bound to dump Hellstrom and re-ignite her relationship with Billy sometime this year. Abbott and Newman were made for each other.

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6. Days’ Gabby Hernandez and Chad DiMera

With his wife Abigail living a double life right now and putting the moves on half-brother Stefan, most Days’ fans can see what is going to happen from a mile away. Abigail and Stefan will most likely hook up, leaving Chad alone and lonely. Who will console him during his time in need? Gabby, of course. These two are so getting back together in 2018.

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5. Y&R’s Hillary Curtis and Devon Hamilton

Currently, Devon is dating some singer under his brand and Hillary is obsessed with getting pregnant. She’s also a little obsessed with Devon and how she messed up their relationship and marriage. These two exes have remained pretty friendly over the past few months and it wouldn’t shock any Y&R fan if they hooked back up this year.

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4. GH’s Kiki Jerome and Michael Corinthos

These two lovebirds made quite the pair back in the day and the good news is that they remain on friendly terms right now. In fact, Kiki has been a good friend to Michael as he deals with impending fatherhood and his crazy baby-momma, Nelle. Do any other GH fans smell a romantic future for these two? It’s inevitable.

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3. Y&R’s Sharon McAvoy and Nick Newman

Sharon and Nick have a long romantic history together, stemming back to their high school years. In fact, every so often they get together, only to break up, hate on each other, become friends again, and then hook back up. Nick has a soft spot for Sharon and while he’s currently in a relationship with Chelsea Lawson, once he finds out that she’s been hiding the fact that his dead brother Adam is Christian’s real father, he’ll drop her like a bad habit. This opens the door for a Sharon and Nick reunion.

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2. Days’ Theresa Donovan and Brady Black

Brady was devastated in late 2016 when Theresa left Salem, leaving him and son Tate behind. He thinks she did it for selfish reasons when really she did it to protect her family from imminent threats. With soap opera news breaking in late 2017 that Jennifer Lilley, the actress who plays Theresa, is returning to the show in May 2018, Days fans were ecstatic. Sure, Brady will most likely still be upset at Theresa at first, but once the two clear the air, it’ll be nothing but romance and love between this DOOL super couple.

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1. GH’s Sam McCall and Jason Morgan

When the real Jason returned to Port Charles, Sam immediately shut her feelings down and rushed to console his twin and imposter, Drew Cain. It’s almost like she picked Drew a little too soon without really assessing her feelings between the two men. There’s a chemistry between Jason and Sam that is strong and while Sam continually tries to deny her feelings for him, she’s bound to give in at some point. There’s nothing that can truly keep JaSam apart and they are sure to come back together sometime in 2018.

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