12 Soap Opera Character Returns That Totally Disappointed Fans

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In this day and age, a character return isn’t a shocking as it used to be. With the internet and social media, things get leaked out pretty fast in the land of soap operas, and many times shows reveal the comeback news in an effort to win some viewers back to their soap. This doesn’t mean character returns can’t be incredible, and anyone can point to the real Jason returning on General Hospital (GH), as well as Will Horton’s return on Days of Our Lives (DOOL), as returns that truly rocked daytime drama fans. Sadly, as good as the two examples above are, there are times where character returns aren’t so epic. Below are 12 soap opera character returns that totally disappointed fans.

12. DOOL’s Sami Brady

Speaking of Will Horton’s return, when his mom Sami stormed into to town her return felt like a tornado hit. She whirled in and out in a blink of an eye, and left a little bit of destruction behind. There are those DOOL fans that love Sami on the show and there are those that could do without her; however, everyone can agree that Sami’s return was a little too short and sweet. Good news for Sami fans, she’s set to return to the show (again) shortly.

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11. Y&R’s Billy Abbott

When Billy Miller stepped out of the Billy Abbott role in 2014, the character had a brief hiatus. Original (teen years) Billy, played by David Tom, would reprise his role; however, when he returned, his portrayal of Billy Abbott didn’t feel the same. It didn’t take long (mere months) for Y&R producers to give Tom the ax, and Burgess Jenkins stepped into the role.

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10. GH’s Robert Scorpio

Robert Scorpio recently dived back into GH storylines, and while fans enjoyed seeing him return to the daytime screen there are many that wish he had a more prominent role on the soap opera. He pops in and out of Port Charles so much at times, many long-time fans wish Scorpio would come back for a longer stay.

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9. DOOL’s Billie Reed

Speaking of staying a tad longer, it wasn’t too long ago that Billie Reed returned to DOOL with original actress Lisa Rinna reprising the role. The storyline that brought her back to Salem revolved around the ISA, Steve Johnson, and John Black. She returned for a brief stint; too brief in many fans’ minds. Many viewers even questioned why DOOL producers brought Billie back in such a fashion if she was going to disappear so suddenly again.

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8. Y&R’s Neil Winters

Neil Winters was off screen for some time as the actor who played him, Kristoff St. John, took a hiatus from the show for personal reasons. Fans missed Neil and when reports indicated that he was set for a return some months ago, many were quite excited! Unfortunately, Neil hasn’t done much since he came back; however, with the summer heating up that will hopefully will all change.

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7. GH’s Mac Scorpio

Mac Scorpio had been MIA within the land of Port Charles for a while, with Felicia popping up on her own when it came to scenes with Maxie, Anna, or even Robin. That all changed recently when Maxie’s husband Nathan passed away and she needed the support of her parents. While it was great to see Mac back in the thick of things, many GH fans wish that he had a bigger role on the show, like he did back in the day.

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6. DOOL’s Carrie and Austin Reed

Carrie and Austin have been popping up in Salem here and there since the beginning of the year. This DOOL super couple has a ton of history on the show, and while it is great to see them back on Days, many wish they had more of a storyline than what they’ve had.

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5. Y&R’s Ronan Malloy

Anyone else wish Ronan Malloy would make another huge return on the Y&R? Here’s hoping its better than his last one if he does come back. The character landed in Genoa City in 2010, and was on the show until 2012. He had a brief hiatus and returned sporadically on the show later in 2012 within scenes that required a police officer on hand. After being involved in so many big storylines, his role on the show after his brief return was so disappointing. Ronan was eventually faded out from the soap as months wore on.

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4. GH’s Nikolas Cassadine

While actor Tyler Christopher was dealing with contract negotiations in 2016, the role of Nikolas was all over the place. Everyone thought he died in May of that year, and it was a shocking twist when it turned out that Nikolas staged his own death. Cassadine would return later that summer, looking a bit different and now being played by actor Nick Stabile. GH fans were hoping that Tyler would return at some point; however, shortly after Nikolas came back that summer, he ended up dying mere months later, making his return ever-so disappointing.

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3. DOOL’s Anna DiMera

Anna DiMera’s return early this year was a welcomed surprise, especially since her comeback also meant that Roman Brady’s love life would finally be revived. Seeing these two come back together has been a pleasure for many long-time DOOL fans, but the huge downfall is that you don’t really see a lot of them anymore and both characters have dwindled when it comes to screen time.

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2. Y&R’s Gloria Bardwell

Y&R placed a tremendous amount of hype around Gloria Bardwell’s return in 2017, and while she had a huge comeback splash at first, the return fizzled quite quickly, which is an overall shame. Gloria is a tremendous and unique character, one that is quite entertaining on daytime television. Here’s hoping the writers can come up with a solid storyline or more screen time.

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1. DOOL’s Bo Brady

DOOL fans were outraged in 2012 when actor Peter Reckell and the character he played on the soap, Bo Brady, slowly vanished off-screen without a real explanation. Years later, audiences would be all revved up for his return in 2015! The news exploded on the internet and social media, and when Bo finally returned to Salem and reunited with Hope, Days viewers rejoiced everywhere. Sadly, Bo would die mere weeks after his official return due to a brain tumor. It was devastating on so many levels.

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