11 Most Loved Soap Opera Couples

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Soap opera power couples are the reason some daytime television shows have such dedicated fans. There is nothing viewers love more than watching their favorite soap opera couple fall in love, go on romantic adventures together, and defy the odds. Sure, there is often a little heartbreak in between, but more often than not, couples that are loved by viewers, always find a way to get back together. Below is a list of the 11 most loved soap supercouples.

11. Jack and Jennifer Deveraux – Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is famous for its pairing up of supercouples and Jack and Jennifer Deveraux are no exception to this. Known across the internet as ‘J&J,’ their love story spanned over two decades, and the duo was quite popular when they first fell in love in the late 80s/early 90s. Spunky, girl-next-door Jennifer Horton was a perfect match for the impulsive and scheming Jack Deveraux. The two embarked on some pretty crazy and incredible adventures during their day, and were on-again/off-again until Jack’s untimely death in 2012. Alas, while death does keep them apart (for now) in the land of daytime soaps, characters can come back to life in a flip of an episode … so who knows what is in store for these two at the end of the day.

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10. Billy and Victoria Abbott – Young and the Restless

Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) ever-charming Billy Abbott caught the eye of corporate executive Victoria Newman in 2010 and the two embarked on a Romeo and Juliet drama within Genoa City. Billy’s brother (Jack Abbott) being at odds with Victoria’s father (Victor Newman) did not, or could not stop these two from falling in love and Victoria and Billy were close to a happily ever after ending. The two started off as simply a fling, which turned into a love affair, and then eventually evolved into a growing family. Their chemistry, coupled with the sweet bantering between the two won over Y&R fans everywhere. Alas, after Billy’s young daughter Delia passed away in a car accident, everything fell apart. Even more so, the couple also lost some steam when the Billy Abbott character was re-cast (a few times), starting in late 2014.

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9. Damian Spinelli and Maxie Jones – General Hospital

These two General Hospital (GH) love birds hooked up in 2008, and originally Maxie and Damian Spinelli came together while investigating the death of Maxie’s sister, Georgie. While Maxie wasn’t too keen on the wound-tight Spinelli – he eventually won her over with genuine charm. The couple kept audiences entertained with a mix of romance, humor, off-the-wall antics, and love. They were all set to wed in September 2009. Alas, they ended up choosing to not make it official, and simply became ‘non-husband and non-wife’ during the ceremony. While Maxie did eventually realize that Spinelli was the one in 2012, it was too late…with Damian hooking up with his soul mate, Ellie Trout. The duo do share a daughter together, Georgie Spinelli, who was conceived during a New Year’s Eve one-night stand.

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8. Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis – Days of Our Lives

Popular and loved among DOOL fans everywhere, WilSon not only made a strong Days’ couple; they also happened to be the show’s first same-sex couple. The duo experienced incredible success, and had amazing chemistry when Will Horton was played by Daytime Emmy-winning actor, Chandler Massey. However, when the character was re-cast and played by Guy Wilson, the couple seemed to have fizzled a little on-screen. They have also shared a roller coaster ride in the love department, dealing with affairs, a crazy mother-in-law (Will’s mom, Sami Brady), as well as ex-lover and baby woes. While Sonny and Will seem to be on a break currently, nothing lasts forever when it comes to romance in Salem, and perhaps these two can find a way back to each other.

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7. Michael and Lauren Baldwin – Young and the Restless

Not many couples within the world of soaps can boast about a marriage that has lasted for nearly 10 consecutive years, but such is the case for Young and the Restless’ Michael and Lauren Baldwin. They have endured obsessive psychopaths, crazy in-laws, the ups and downs of parenthood, and even extra-marital affairs. In the end, it is their chemistry, passion, and communication that has kept these to afloat all these years. While they are experiencing a rocky bump in their relationship currently, it won’t be long until these two realize what Y&R fans already know: Lauren and Michael are simply meant to be together, always.

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6. Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane– General Hospital

Super-spies Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio have been long-time fixtures on GH and have shared an incredible love story over the years. As parents to Robin Scorpio, the two have embarked on some interesting adventures – from battling Cesar Faison, to Aztec treasures, saving the world, and helping find the daughter they thought had passed away. Robert’s dry humor and crazy antics, mixed with Anna’s sensible and logical way of thinking has always created a tremendous amount of chemistry between these two. While they are not together now, they will always share a bond through their daughter and the many memories of a long history together.

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5. Bo and Hope Brady – Days of Our Lives

While Hope currently seems head-over-heels with her new beau, Aiden Jennings, that certainly wasn’t always the case. Bo and Hope Brady have undoubtedly been one of DOOL’S most popular and loving couples. Falling in love in the early ’80s, good girl Hope simply could not resist the young, rugged and handsome Bo Brady. While Bo left Salem in 2012 to help with his mother with Alzheimer’s treatments, it seems what he was really on was an adventure to help cure her of a rare disease that mirrors Alzheimer’s. This situation still remains a mystery, and as Hope is currently headed to the alter with another man, that just may change when she realizes what Bo has been up to all these years. This will mostly likely culminate during DOOL’s much-anticipated 50th anniversary celebration set for November and many fans simply cannot wait to see one of their favorite couple reunite.

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4. Dante and Lulu Falconeri – General Hospital

This couple may not be experiencing paradise right now, but Lulu and Dante make this list thanks to their strong on-screen chemistry, the ability to always rise above the drama, and the passion they share for each other. One only has to watch a love scene between the two to see that they have GH super couple written all over them. Can’t hurt that they are both incredibly good-looking, but the depth of both characters, and how they deal with high-stress situations also helps. Here’s hoping this popular GH couple can rise above their current road block. There is nothing better than having a solid couple rekindle their lost love.

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3. Paul Williams and Christine Blair – Young and the Restless

With a love affair that has spanned over two decades, what makes Paul and Christine such a supercouple on Y&R is the they strong friendship that has created a solid foundation for their relationship. They are intellectual equals and have a spark that many characters simply cannot achieve, especially considering the years this couple has been together. While they have been on-again/off-again, unfortunately it has been their need for career-advancement that has kept these lovebirds apart. Alas, thanks to a letter from the late Catherine Chancellor, these two decided to stay together for good and, in September 2013, they re-married in an impromptu wedding… and have been together since.

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2. Tom and Alice Horton – Days of Our Lives

Unfortunately, both have passed away now, but there isn’t a DOOL fan today that doesn’t still love the couple of Alice and Tom Horton. Patriarchs of the Horton clan, they helped build a family legacy with traditions and customs that are still showcased on the show to this very day. While they are no longer ons-creen, their memory still lives on strong within current storylines and the couple is still the foundation that keeps the Horton family members together and forever bonded.

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1. Luke and Laura Spencer – General Hospital

What started off as a controversial relationship, eventually turned into a supercouple phenomena. We all know by now that the two characters fell in love after Luke raped Laura; however, what happened in between helped create the term super couple for years to come. They hit the top spot of the list, as their November 18th wedding still stands as the most-watched U.S. soap opera episode in history (with 30 million viewers). If that doesn’t say ‘most loved soap opera couple,’ we’re not sure what does!

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