10 Young And The Restless Couples Ranked From Worst To Best

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Young and the Restless (Y&R) centers around the trials and tribulations (and corporate shenanigans) within Genoa City. Sure, there is tons of drama that unfolds weekly; however, there is also a lot of love that goes around. We have couples that simply want to fool around, couples that are truly in love, and those unique couples that hit soap opera super couple status. Below is a list of ten of some popular Y&R super couples ranked from worst to best.

10. Victoria Newman and Ryan McNeil

Many can’t really picture Victoria Newman with anyone but Billy Abbott, but the truth is, she had a beautiful love affair with her first husband Ryan McNeil. The two fell in love in the early ‘90s as Vicky was learning the ropes at Newman Enterprises and Ryan was eager to climb that corporate ladder. They got hitched in 1992 and broke up, but as is the case in soaps, they once again came back together in the early 2000s. Sadly, at their second wedding, just as things were about to become official, Ryan was shot and killed by his ex-girlfriend which tragically ended this beautiful love story.

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9. Sharon Newman and Adam Newman

Sharon really does love those Newman men! First she fell in love with Nick Newman, and then had a creepy love affair with his dad Victor, and even married his half-brother Dylan McAvoy. There was also a time she hit super couple status with Nick’s other half-brother, Adam. Despite being wronged by Adam, Sharon still fell in love with the town’s bad boy and shared a deep dark love with him. They eventually moved on to others, but these two had a complicated relationship, filled with a ton of chemistry.

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8. Sharon and Nick Newman

Speaking of Sharon and deep love, it seems no matter how hard she tries to shake it, and no matter how many terrible things they do to each other, she shares something quite special with Nick Newman. These two were high school sweethearts that ended up getting married and starting a family in the mid- ‘90s. They have been on-again-off-again ever since as lovers and friends. They fight, make up, become friends, and then somehow seem to fall in love over and over again, despite affairs, secrets, and lies. Right now, they are in the friend’s zone, but who knows when and if that will all change.


7. Avery Clark and Nick Newman

One of the biggest reasons Sharon and Nick didn’t work out was Phyllis. Interestingly enough, Phyllis and Nick didn’t really work out either, but Nick had a pretty incredible love story with Phyllis’ sister, Avery. In typical Y&R fashion, this Genoa City resident didn’t have to look far to find a replacement — he  kept it in the family! Nick and Avery were just a great super couple. Both were smart, good-looking, kind, and not into lying or playing games. Sadly, things fell apart with these two when Avery’s ex, Dylan McAvoy, strolled into town.


6. Ashley Abbott and Victor Newman

Had there not been a Nikki Reid, these two would probably still be together. The Abbotts and Newmans rule Genoa City and one of the greatest soap opera rivalries in history has to be the one between Jack Abbott and Victor Newman. This made it that more shocking in the early ‘90s when sister Ashely hooked up with Victor. They made a phenomenal couple with intense chemistry — both intelligent, corporate savvy, with strong personalities. At the end of the day, Victor’s heart has always belonged to Nikki, and this relationship simply did not work because of that.

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5. Ashley Abbott and Brad Carlton

Speaking of Ash, she had quite the relationship with the late Brad Carlton. Carlton was a known lady’s man, but he also happened to be the ex-husband of her sister Traci. Did that stop them? Not one bit. They would be on and off from the late ‘80s to the early 2000s, and even got married at one point. Both were gorgeous and loved the corporate rat race. This relationship simply worked.


4. Lauren Fenmore and Paul Williams

You can tell a couple had a strong relationship when they are able to stay friends after the breakup. Current BFFs Lauren and Paul had quite the love affair back in the day. They hooked up in the 1980s and even got married at one point! Alas, it didn’t work out, but when all was said and done this couple had tremendous chemistry and the good news is, they have managed to remain life-long friends in the process.

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3. Nikki and Victor Newman

This love affair has been going on for over two decades and the couple seem to have only two statuses when it comes to their relationship: together or fighting. But this is what makes them so great and so predictable. Even when they fight, and they have had plenty to argue about over the years, they always (always) get back together.

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2. Drucilla and Neil Winters

Anyone else miss Dru? It was great seeing these two love it up on Y&R screens. Dru and Neil were an incredible super couple in the 1990s and 2000s. They made for a steamy, sensible couple. Sadly, Dru passed away in 2007 and Neil has never really been able to pull together a relationship with the same passion and energy since.

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1. Lauren and Michael Baldwin

These two aren’t only an incredible Y&R couple, they also take the cake when it comes to super couples in the land of soap operas. There are not many couples who last 10 plus years in marriage without a divorce (or two) in the mix. Their passion, chemistry, communication, and strength are not only an inspiration in daytime drama, but real-life as well. Genoa City’s ‘It’ couple has been going strong for a long while now and by the looks of it, they should continue with this momentum for years to come.

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