10 Memorable Moments From Ben Affleck’s Life Before Jennifer Garner

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All the talk about Ben Affleck at the moment may be focusing on his newly announced divorce from Jennifer Garner, but there was a time when fans were more focused on his flopping films and the media was obsessed with revealing details about his previous high-profile partners. Affleck has been in the entertainment industry for quite awhile and, through all of the ups and downs, good movies and the bad, many may have forgotten about some of the best (or worst) Affleck moments before he was a husband and father, and soon to be divorcee. Here are 10 memorable moments from Ben Affleck’s life before Jennifer Garner.

10. 8-Year-Old Affleck Meets 10-Year-Old Damon

Way back when Ben Affleck was eight-years-old, he met a new kid to the area who had moved in two blocks away. Ben became fast-friends with 10-year-old Matt Damon and apparently the two would spend their lunch hours talking about their future plans to become actors. As teens, they spent their summers working jobs together and eventually traveled to New York for auditions by saving money for the trip in a joint bank account. BFFs!




9. The Voyage of the Mimi

There’s a chance that when you were in sixth grade you watched the PBS children’s series The Voyage of the Mimi (1984, 1988). A young Ben Affleck joined the crew of the sailing ship Mimi as C.T. Granville who was accompanying his scientist grandfather on board to first study whales and then Mayan culture. The pre-teen Affleck was just as adorable as the adult he’d grow up to be.

Source: The Voyage of the  Mimi

Source: The Voyage of the Mimi