Ben Affleck Alleged Nanny Affair: 9 Latest Developments

Source: Christine Ouzounian myspace

For the last week and a half, we’ve been hearing a lot about Ben Affleck and his alleged relationship with his former nanny, Christine Ouzounian. He maintains that they had a professional relationship and nothing more, but she seems to be telling a very different story. She seems to think that they had something special. One of the reasons this story isn’t going away is because Christine won’t let it. Here are 9 of the latest developments in Ben’s alleged affair with his children’s nanny!

9. Star Magazine Claims the Nanny Is Pregnant

This development seems very unlikely, however, according to Star Magazine, Ben is worried that Christine could be pregnant with his child, but an insider claims that this is not true.

Source: Christine Ouzounian myspace

8. The Nanny Staged a Bikini Photo Op with Star Magazine

Christine staged a sexy bikini photo op with Star Magazine and had an “eyewitness” provide details about her movements at the Hotel Bel Air. According to the eyewitness, she sat by the pool skimming through articles about her and Ben on her phone and admiring photos that the paparazzi had taken of her. She reportedly claimed that she was still in contact with Ben and discussed their breakup. The eyewitness heard her say, “He broke up with me…He told me he loved me, but he can’t be with me under these circumstances.”

Christine didn’t just arrange a photo op with Star Magazine – she also arranged one with In Touch Weekly. Click here to see the pictures.

Source: Christine Ouzounian myspace

7. Jennifer Is Angry, But She Will Get Through This

Jennifer is said to be quite angry about Ben’s alleged affair with Christine, but she’s moving past it. She’s hard at work on the set of “Miracles from Heaven” and she’s still talking to Ben – but only about the kids.

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6. Ben Threw a Barbeque Party at His Coastal Estate

This past weekend, Ben reprtedly hosted a barbeque party with nearly three-dozen guests on his Hampton Island property. Smokin Pig BBQ Joint in nearby Richmond Hill catered the alleged outing.

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5. Ben Is Allegedly Paying for the Nanny to Stay at Hotel Bel Air

A source told In Touch Weekly that Ben is paying for Christine to stay at Hotel Bel Air and that he is paying for everything while she stays there. Ben has reportedly given her enough money to cover her bills and expenses plus some spending money, which is enough to last a few months. The source believes that the A-list star is paying his former nanny to stay quiet, but it’s obviously not working.

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4. The Nanny Reportedly Plans to Sue Jennifer for Wrongful Dismissal

Christine has reportedly met with lawyers to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against Jennifer. She doesn’t believe that her relationship with Ben was enough to warrant her being fired. When Christine was fired, Ben didn’t do anything about it, but she’s not upset with him.

According to a source, one of the reasons that Ben is paying for Christine to stay at the Hotel Bel Air is to keep her happy. If he were to totally end things with her, she might actually sue.

Source: Christine Ouzounian myspace

3. Jennifer’s Nitpicking Is What Ruined the Marriage

A source close to Ben and Jennifer claims that it was Jennifer’s nitpicking that ultimately ruined their marriage. “When you are made to feel like an inadequate husband over and over again your friends are going to say maybe this isn’t working out,” the source told People.

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2. The Alleged Affair with the Nanny Was What Broke Their Relationship

Ben reportedly admitted to having other affairs before, but the alleged affair with the nanny was different. “While Ben hasn’t been a great husband, Jen always thought he was great with the kids. She trusted that he was doing his best to protect them. To Jen, Ben has reached a new low,” a source told People.

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1. Photos Have Emerged of Ben’s Rendezvous with the Nanny

Photos of Ben meeting up with Christine on July 17th at his L.A. home have been released and are making their rounds online. She can be seen driving his Lexus and entering the code to get into his gate. She can also been seen giving him a bottle of champagne as he smiles at her.

It also looks like Christine tipped off whoever was taking the pictures. She kept looking away in the direction of the covert photographer and Ben looks completely oblivious.

Source: Christine Ouzounian myspace


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