Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (September 16, 2019)

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Ridge will be in shock when he wakes up in bed next to Shauna, this week on the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Brooke will lean on Eric for support and Katie’s fury against Flo will turn into a medical crisis. Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of September 16, 2019.

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9. Hungover And Horrified

Ridge will wake up in bed next to Shauna, the morning after he drowned his sorrows at Bikini Bar. Rumor has it, he won’t remember much about the night before and Shauna will be happy to fill him in. She’ll tell him they made love and that he was “an animal” in bed. And it looks like Ridge is going to believe her. But viewers are speculating that Ridge will pass out in Shauna’s bed before anything happens. Will Ridge and Shauna actually sleep together or will Ridge just think they did?

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8. Secret Pact

Spoilers tease that Ridge and Shauna will make a pact to keep their night together a secret. But inevitably secrets will come out, especially on soaps, and this one is sure to be revealed at some point. Despite their pact, will Shauna come up with a scheme to blackmail Ridge? Or will she begin to develop feelings for him?

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7. Brooke Turns To Eric

B&B spoilers show that Brooke will turn to Eric after her epic argument with Ridge. She’ll realize he didn’t come home all night and will head to the Forrester estate for Eric’s advice. Brooke and Eric have always been close, and he will provide a shoulder for Brooke to cry on as she wonders if her marriage to Ridge is over. Will a jealous Quinn walk in and spy on the two of them during their close moment?

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6. We Can Work It Out

Feeling incredibly guilty about what he thinks he did, Ridge will try to work things out with Brooke. Even though they vehemently disagree about Thomas, Brooke is the love of his life and he doesn’t want to throw their marriage away. And to repair their relationship, he will make a promise to Brooke that will be tough to keep. Spoilers tease that Bridge will make up, but Ridge will keep the truth from her about his night with Shauna.

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5. Mortified By Her Mother

Speaking of Shauna, Flo will be alarmed this week when her mother tells her she has begun to develop feelings for Ridge. Shauna will confide in her daughter about her night with Ridge and how well they hit it off. She is also grateful to Ridge for signing the deal that allowed Flo to walk out of prison scot-free. Even though Flo is supportive of her mother in most things, this won’t be one of them. She will be worried that if Shauna decides to pursue Ridge, it will stir up a whole other kettle of trouble for them both.

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4. Flo Grovels

Now that she’s been released from jail, Flo has made it her mission to reunite with Wyatt. This week, she’s going to beg her high school sweetheart for forgiveness again and ask him if he has it in his heart to give her another chance. Deep down, Wyatt still loves Flo but can’t bring himself to absolve her for betraying his family, when she pretended to be baby Beth’s birth mother. But they say time heals all wounds, so eventually he may come around, and Flo is counting on it.

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3. Katie Rages

Although she’s relieved to have been freed from prison, there’s going to be no end to Flo’s humiliation this week. Other B&B spoilers indicate Katie will rage at Flo for what she did to Hope and Liam. She’s going to tell Flo that she’ll never be forgiven or accepted by the Logans and should move out of Los Angeles. With rumors of Katie and Bill facing a tragedy soon, many fans are speculating Katie will be so worked up by her anger with Flo that she may suffer some sort of medical crisis.

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2. Bill Puts Work Aside

Rumor has it, Bill will choose Katie over Spencer Publications when she needs him. Will she end up in the hospital after her confrontation with Flo? Or will she just call him and tell him she needs to be with him? Regardless of what happens, spoilers tease Bill will prove how much he loves her and how committed he is to Katie when he is there for her this week.

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of September 23

Spoilers tease Wyatt will make a daring move with the woman he loves. Will he ask Sally to move in with him again, or will he propose? A marriage proposal would cement their relationship and assuage any doubts Sally might still harbor about Flo coming between them. Also, Bill will panic and call paramedics when Katie collapses. Will Katie’s heart begin to give out, and will she survive it? Stay tuned!

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