Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (October 5, 2020)

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Carter and Eric will both have some stunning information for Brooke and Ridge, this week on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Plus, Zoe catches Zende’s attention in a Forrester original gown and Quinn’s world crumbles around her. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of October 5, 2020.

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9. Zende Comes Home

Zende will return to LA and to Forrester Creations on October 7. Spoilers tease he will be back with unanticipated news. Rumor has it, he and Nicole have broken up. Which means he’s back on the market and Zoe will notice him immediately. Will Zende end up causing some problems for Zoe and Carter?

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8. Zoe Models A Sexy Gown

Speaking of Zoe, she’ll model a sexy Forrester gown this week and will catch Zende’s particular attention. She too will notice the Forrester designer and sparks will fly between them, which won’t please Carter when he finds out. Carter and Zoe haven’t been dating very long, so will Zoe decide to play the field?

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7. Brooke And Quinn Battle

Spoilers tease Brooke will battle it out with Quinn on Ridge and Shauna’s wedding day. Quinn will continue to be arrogant, telling Brooke she’ll no longer be welcome in the Forrester mansion once Shauna remarries Ridge. She will also tell her rival that her so-called destiny with Ridge is now ancient history and she should move on.

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6. Shauna Considers Coming Clean

Shauna desperately wants to come clean to Ridge about what happened in Las Vegas. But thanks to Quinn, she’s now been pressured into a second wedding with Ridge. She truly does love him and wants to be honest with him, but with Quinn breathing down her neck, will she tell Ridge the truth or will she decide to go through with the nuptials?

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5. Over The Top Surprise

A heartbroken Brooke will return home after her battle with Quinn to find an over the top surprise waiting for her. Could it be proof of Shauna and Quinn’s manipulations during Ridge’s drunken wedding night in Vegas? Or will it be something else that may give her some hope the redo wedding could be called off?

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4. Eric Overhears

Spoilers tease Eric will finally be in the right place at the right time. Unknown to chatterbox Quinn, her husband will be within earshot during a revealing video chat with Shauna. The two besties will discuss everything, the text sent to Carter and Shauna telling the wedding officiant to pronounce them man and wife, even though Ridge never uttered the words “I Do.”

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3. Carter Comes Through

Spoilers tease Carter will come through for Brooke and Ridge and will deliver some startling information. Will he tell them he never filed the papers to end their marriage after all? Or will it turn out he did a little digging and found out the paperwork hadn’t gone through before a drunken Ridge married Shauna in Las Vegas? This would render the Shridge marriage null and void.

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2. Quinn’s Life Shatters

As her bestie’s redo wedding falls apart, Quinn’s life will also shatter. Eric will be aghast at the lengths his wife went to in order to tear Brooke and Ridge apart. He will tell her their marriage is over and ask her to leave his house. Rumor has it, she will be frantic when her world begins to crumble. Will Eric also take down her portrait, which she pointed to recently when she was lording Shridge’s remarriage over Brooke?

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1. Brooke And Ridge Reunite

The redo wedding is leading to one thing, a Brooke and Ridge reunion. After Quinn and Shauna’s dirty little secret is revealed, Ridge will beg Brooke for forgiveness. But instead of telling him he used up his last chance to be with her, she’s sure to take him back. And rumor has it they’ll remarry. How long will Bridge last this time before something or someone tears them apart yet again? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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