Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (October 12, 2020)

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Thomas feels the pressure of his cousin’s arrival in LA when Hope offers Zende something he wants, this week on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Plus, Liam isn’t happy his back up Sister Wife is slipping away from him and into the arms of another man. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of October 12, 2020.

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9. Zende And Zoe Get Acquainted

Spoilers tease Zende and Zoe will get to know each other better. He’s only been back in LA for a day and the Forrester designer and model have already flirted up a storm. Zende is aware Zoe is dating Carter, although she said they were only in the early stages of their relationship. When Zoe opens up to him about her past, Zende will question her about her and Carter’s status as a couple.

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8. Carter Pulls Out All The Stops

A smitten Carter will pull out all the stops to get the Forrester model’s attention this week. He’ll take her out for a night on the town and romance her. Carter will also have an over the top surprise for his new squeeze. Speculation indicates he may ask her to move in with him.

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7. Tender Moment

Spoilers tease that Carter and Zoe will have an affectionate and warm conversation about their romantic future. Forrester’s new Chief Operating Officer and the runway model have only just started dating, so it’ll be interesting to hear what their conversation will entail. Will Zoe tell Carter she’d like to play the field?

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6. Thomas Feels The Pressure

When Hope offers Zende something Thomas has been longing for, he will feel pressured by his cousin’s return. Zende will be presented with a chance to be the head designer on the Hope For The Future fashion line. Thomas wanted to be the one to work alongside Hope on the line, so he’ll feel as though he deserves it more than someone who has just arrived on the scene. Spoilers indicate Thomas and Zende will go head to head for the position in the coming weeks.

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5. Liam Interferes

Rumor has it, Liam will try to interfere in Steffy’s love life. He will visit his ex at the rehab center where she’s being treated for her opioid addiction. When he sees Finn arriving at the facility to visit Steffy, will he tell him she’s too busy to see him? Liam can see the writing on the wall, and his dislike for Finn will be clear. Steffy’s always been a reliable backup option and he loathes the thought of her moving on with another man.

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4. Finn’s Important Role

Spoilers tease Finn will play a pivotal role in Steffy’s recovery. He’ll be there by her side as she leans on him for comfort and support. Steffy will also open up to the handsome doctor about her emotional issues in the past and how she’s overcome them. Finn will tell her she can get through anything and he’ll see to it that she beats her addiction.

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3. Waffler In The Middle

When Liam discovers Finn’s gift to Steffy, he’s going to put himself smack dab in the middle of their relationship. Rumor has it, Finn may arrange for Steffy to be reunited with Kelly and Liam will rush to stop it. He’ll tell Finn he has no business arranging anything to do with his daughter. It will lead to the start of a conflict between Finn and Liam.

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2. Classic Rivalry Begins

Not only will Steffy stand up for herself when Liam starts making demands to her about Finn, but an epic rivalry between the two men will also begin this week. Finn is well aware of all the hurt Liam has caused Steffy and he’s not about to let her ex dictate her life and the doctor will tell him just that.

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1. Hope Calls Out Liam

Hope will call out Liam for interfering in Steffy’s love life and being overprotective of her. She will tell her husband that Steffy is a grown woman who doesn’t need her ex playing Rescue Ranger. Hope will also likely point out to Liam that he’s a married man, whereas Steffy is single and so is Finn. If Steffy chooses to have the doctor in her life, it is none of Liam’s business. Of course, Liam sees it differently. He likes to have his options open and enjoys having one Sister Wife at home waiting on him and the other one on standby, pining for him. Is Liam’s flip-flopping going to cause a rift in his marriage to Hope? Keep watching B&B to find out!

(Photo by Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images)

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