Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (March 21, 2022)

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Steffy will be worried about what Thomas is up to when she spots him with Sheila, coming up this week on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Brooke will take a walk down memory lane. She’ll recall her past moments with Stephanie and her five great loves: Ridge, Bill, Nick, Thorne and Eric. Plus, Ridge and Carter will overhear one side of a troubling conversation. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of March 21st, 2022.

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9. “Bridge” Struggles

Brooke will tell Ridge she’s changed her mind and wants him back, but Ridge won’t be so sure. The couple will be overwhelmed with emotion as they discuss their mistakes and their triumphs. It’ll give Brooke a little bit of hope that she and her husband may reunite. But once Ridge leaves, she’ll find herself feeling melancholy.

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8. Brooke’s Memories Of Stephanie

B&B spoilers tease that Brooke will continue to obsess over losing Ridge because of her most recent mistake. This will prompt her to take a walk down memory lane. She’ll recall her tumultuous past with Ridge’s mother Stephanie, who never thought Brooke was good enough for her son. There will likely be flashbacks of Brooke and Stephanie’s greatest catfights, as well as Stephanie eventually making peace with Brooke before eventually passing away in her arms.

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7. Brooke’s Five Great Loves

A standalone episode dedicated to Brooke, one of only two original remaining cast members, will air on March 24th, marking B&B’s 35th anniversary. Spoilers tease that Brooke will look back at her greatest loves. They include Bill, Ridge and Eric, the other original cast member. Plus, Nick Marone (Jack Wagner) and Thorne Forrester (Winsor Harmon) will return to the canvas for this special episode.

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6. Finn’s Surprise Visit

Sheila will be thrilled when her son pays her a visit at the hotel. Finn will come in peace, and he’ll tell her she has an opportunity to redeem herself. She’s so close to getting exactly what she wants, and she’ll realize the only person who could blow it for her is Thomas. Too bad she couldn’t keep her mouth shut about what she did to Brooke!

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5. Digging For An Answer

Steffy will continue to ask Thomas why he’s suddenly feeling sorry for Brooke. She knows his sudden change in attitude must have happened for a reason. So, she’ll decide to dig for the origin of his recent behavior. But will Steffy have any luck finding out why Thomas experienced such a shift in his stance when it comes to their stepmother?

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4. Steffy Tails Thomas

B&B spoilers tease that Steffy will play detective this week. She’ll be so curious about what her brother is hiding that she’ll follow Thomas around Los Angeles. And she’ll be stunned when she discovers him in a heated conversation with none other than her mother-in-law, Sheila. Steffy will be confused as she watches Thomas and Sheila argue. But will she confront them?

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3. Steffy Confides In Finn

After witnessing Thomas arguing with Sheila, Steffy will confide in her husband. She’ll tell Finn what she saw. And she’ll admit she has no idea why her brother would even be speaking with Sheila, never mind arguing with her. Finn will do what he can to ease his wife’s mind about what is going on between Sheila and Thomas.

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2. In A Quandary

Thomas will find himself in a quandary this week. Sheila will vehemently urge him to keep quiet. However, he’ll still be torn about whether to tell someone what he knows about her part in Brooke’s drunken New Year’s Eve mistake. He knows what Sheila did was terribly wrong. But he also wants his parents to stay together and realizes all too well what could happen if he were to reveal Sheila’s secret.

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1. Explosive Conversation

B&B spoilers tease that Ridge and Carter will eavesdrop on Thomas while he’s blasting Sheila on his phone. The two men will be confused by only hearing one side of the conversation. Ridge will question his son what’s going on and he’ll ask who he was talking to. But will Thomas finally decide to come clean with Ridge, or will he make light of it by covering it up?  Keep watching B&B to find out!

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