Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (June 1, 2020)

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This week’s Bold & The Beautiful (B&B) theme will feature some classic clashes viewers won’t want to miss. Stephanie and Sally will get into a spat that ends with a splash and villain Sheila Carter will threaten Stephanie’s life. Plus, Brooke and Taylor will have to explain to their families why they are both covered in wedding cake. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of June 1, 2020.

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9. Stephanie And Sally’s Scuffle

Stephanie and Sally Spectra’s rivalry heats up in an episode that originally aired on February 19, 1992. Sally is mad and she’s not going to take it anymore when she finds out Stephanie insulted Spectra Fashions in a trade magazine. The founder of Spectra shows up at the Forrester estate to have it out with her rival. As the two women hurl insults and curses at one another, Sally inadvertently ends up in the Forrester swimming pool.

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8. Flirty Clarke

While Sally was busy taking a dip, her husband Clarke was spending his time flirting with Stephanie’s daughter Felicia. Clarke was a cad and a womanizer who would cheat on Sally at the drop of a hat. But he had a different purpose in mind this time and made Felicia a business offer that she finds hard to refuse.

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7. Sinister Sheila

In an episode that originally aired on June 7, 1995, a jealous and sinister Sheila threatens to kill Stephanie. She’s convinced that Stephanie is trying to keep her from Eric. Meanwhile, Ridge, Brooke, Eric, James and Lauren will try to talk the villain down. If anyone knows how dangerous Sheila is, it’s Lauren and she’ll have her work cut out for her.

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6. One Liners And Gossip

Darla also introduced Sally to a new hairdresser named Gladys in this episode, played by legendary comedian Phyllis Diller. The two women hit it off immediately, chit-chatting and exchanging rumors about the LA fashion scene. But Gladys has the juiciest gossip of all when she reveals to a stunned Sally that Taylor is still alive.

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5. Wedding Cake Face-Off

Steffy’s date for Liam and Hope’s wedding, which originally aired August 22, 2018, was none other than her mom. Taylor wore black to the nuptials and made it clear to everyone who she believed Liam should be marrying (hint, it was not Hope). She also spoke to Liam privately, asking him to call off the wedding. Brooke is thrilled for her daughter and doesn’t take Taylor’s interference very well. In the kitchen, Taylor announces to Brooke that it’s time to cut the cake, digs her hand into the icing, grabs a chunk of it and flings it at her rival. This leads to a knockdown, drag-out fight, like the Brooke-Taylor brawls (in a pond, in the mud) viewers have seen over the years between these two adversaries.

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4. Walk Of Shame

Steffy and Hope find their mothers sliding around the floor in the kitchen, throwing cake at each other. “Mom!!” the two women yell at the same time, as they come upon the scene. Hope orders them to put the cake down as Brooke and Taylor apologize to their daughters. Steffy and Hope then order them to go back to the wedding reception. Horrified, Taylor and Brooke say they can’t go back in there covered in cake. “The two of you deserve a little walk of shame,” Hope tells them both, as they all head to the living room.

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3. Stephanie Versus Brooke

This classic clash from August 3, 1999 was one of many that occurred between Stephanie and Brooke. When Stephanie finds out Brooke is waiting at Big Bear cabin to seduce her youngest son Thorne, she heads there instead. And Brooke is stunned when she sees her former mother-in-law standing in the pouring rain outside, demanding she open the door. Brooke refuses but Stephanie gets inside the cabin anyway. When Brooke orders her to leave, Stephanie takes a fireplace poker and uses it to smash a champagne bottle and glasses that Brooke had set out for Thorne. Smirking, Brooke tells her rival that Thorne wants her and Stephanie punches Brooke in the face, knocking her to the floor. As she begins to strangle her, Brooke grabs a vase and hits Stephanie over the head with it.


2. The Perfect Fit

Meanwhile, Thorne is trying to get in touch with his mother on her cell phone as Megan tells him she believes Brooke’s feelings for him are real. She also offers to find Stephanie for him if he wants to head up to Big Bear to be with Brooke. Megan also confides in him that she thinks he and Brooke are the perfect fit together.

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1. Liam Versus Thomas

When Liam races to Forrester Creations to tell Hope their daughter Beth is alive, he has one more obstacle to face, her new husband Thomas. These two will come to blows on the Forrester roof, trading taunts and throwing punches in this episode that originally aired on August 5, 2019. Viewers will recall this classic combat ends with Liam tackling Thomas and then watching as his rival runs away like a little girl to a waiting helicopter.

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