Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (August 31, 2020)

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Steffy will put Hope on notice when she makes an independent decision about Kelly, this week on Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also coming up, Bill will decide whether to fight for his family with Katie or become Brooke’s knight in shining armor. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of August 31, 2020.

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9. Decisions, Decisions

Even though Bridge has said goodbye to each other, Ridge will assess his current situation with Brooke and Shauna and will realize he needs to make a permanent decision. He was going to ask Brooke to accept a rose, but it ended up in the garbage after he overheard a conversation between Bill and Brooke, which deeply upset him. Brooke told Bill she’d love him for the rest of her life. What Ridge didn’t hear was that Brooke also said she loves Ridge more and he’s the man she wants to be with.

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8. The Final Rose

Ridge went running to Shauna because he believed Brooke had betrayed him. But he also knows Shauna is good for him and he thinks she’s trustworthy. Of course, he has no idea their whole marriage was a set-up, perfectly executed by Quinn. If he chooses to stay married to Shauna, he imagines there would be no drama in his life, unlike in his decades-long relationship with Brooke. But isn’t that part of her appeal? Spoilers tease Ridge will make his choice this week and Shauna will get the final rose.

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7. Greener Pastures

Bill is certain Ridge is going to break Brooke’s heart again and he’s right. He’s always wanted to be Brooke’s knight in shining armor, but at the same time, he still loves Katie, and wants to keep their family together. Bill will realize that, much like Ridge, he needs to make a choice between two women. Will the Stallion decide to fight for Katie or gallop over to Brooke’s house to graze in her pastures again and rescue her from the dastardly Dressmaker?

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6. Give Your Head A Shake

The Waffler thinks he’s got it made these days. Two beautiful Sister Wives who love and adore him. He’s married to one and the other is constantly pining for him. Liam keeps Steffy on the hook by saying things like he’ll always love her and be there for her and so far, it’s worked. But Bill will tell Liam to give his head a shake this week. Rumor has it, he’ll try open his son’s eyes to the reality of his situation with Hope and Steffy. It’s not going to stay cordial forever and Liam better face it sooner rather than later.

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5. Liam Spills The Beans

Liam will spill the beans to Hope about Steffy getting a refill for her pain medication. He expressed his worries to Steffy last week when he saw the bottle full of pills. She tried her best to assure him they were to help her get through her pain and she wasn’t dependent on them, but he wasn’t so sure. He’ll foolishly express his concerns to his wife, who will decide she needs to do something about it.

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4. Hope’s Sticks Her Nose In

Hope believes she is a bit of an expert on abusing drugs, as she became addicted to prescription medication years ago. She looked genuinely troubled when she and Liam were at Steffy’s beach house recently and Steffy popped a pain pill. Even though it is none of her business, she will stick her nose in and approach Steffy. Hope will voice her anxieties about the Forrester CEO’s possible dependence on her prescription medication. But what will worry Steffy the most is when Hope makes an autonomous decision about her daughter. Will Hope decide that Kelly should live with her and Liam until Steffy is off the pills?

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3. Not A Chance

Steffy’s not going to take Hope’s accusations and her so-called decision lying down. Rumor has it, she’s going to blast her Sister Wife after Hope tells her she thinks it’d be best for Kelly if she lived with her and Liam until Steffy has fully healed. Steffy will inform her that she’s perfectly capable of taking care of her own daughter and there’s no chance she’s handing her over to Hope.

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2. Bond Deepens

Rumor has it, Dr. Finnegan will pay Steffy another house call. He wants to make sure her pain has been alleviated and he’s also concerned that she’s still on the pain meds. Steffy and Finn’s bond will deepen even further this week after he realizes the scope of Steffy’s pain. Fans have been waiting a long time for Steffy to get a new man, so will they see a payoff this week? Will Sinn finally kiss?

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1.First Kiss

Speaking of first kisses, spoilers tease that after a romantic date, Carter and Zoe will finally kiss. Zoe has told Carter she appreciated his support while she was going through her breakup with Thomas. He was there for her when no one else was and these two will get even closer as the weeks go on. But Zende will be returning to LA soon and spoilers tease Zoe will sit up and take notice of him. Will he end up being a threat to Carter and Zoe’s budding relationship? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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