Bold And The Beautiful: Crazy And Surprising Spoilers For May 2019


May sweeps drama is headed to LA, this month on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Will someone’s suspicions lead them to the truth about the baby switch? And with two relationship meddlers on the loose, could this month spell the end for Lope and for Wally? Read on for more B&B crazy and shocking spoilers for May 2019.

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12. An Offer You Can’t Refuse

It looks like Hope may offer her new cousin Flo a job working on her Hope For The Future line at Forrester Creations. Flo will be hesitant to accept the offer at first, knowing that the more she sees Hope, the guiltier she will feel about her part in Reese’s baby switch scheme. But spoilers say that her mother Shauna will pressure her to take the job and Hope’s enthusiasm will be so infectious that she will eventually accept her cousin’s offer.

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11. Lending An Unbiased Ear

Sally will continue to be a sounding board for Thomas this month. He’s already confided in his ex that he’s on a mission to break up Hope and Liam so he can have Hope for himself. Sally will lend him an ear and give him advice. But will she be unbiased about the situation or will she advise him to stay out of Lope’s relationship? And if so, will he listen?

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10. Lean On Me

Spoilers tease Xander will realize something terrible is weighing on his girlfriend. She hasn’t opened up to him about what’s wrong, but he’ll tell her he’s there for her in her time of need. The big question is, would Xander be so supportive if he knew what the secret is that Zoe has been keeping from Hope?

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9. Charlie Is On The Case

Viewers know Charlie is suspicious of Flo and Shauna. He’s also had his suspicions about Zoe in the past. But will he take his suspicions a step further and investigate the mother and daughter? Someone is going to find out about the baby switch eventually and spill the beans. Could Charlie be the one to uncover it and blow the whole thing out of the water this month?

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8. Meet Cute

Shauna meets Ridge at Forrester Creations and gets the chance to wear a Forrester Original design. The two will hit it off and Shauna will begin to see Ridge as a potential hook-up. She’s looking to stay in LA to lend emotional support to her daughter Flo and she knows Ridge must be well off. But will she try to pursue a relationship with him?

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7. Green With Envy

Brooke will spy on Ridge and Shauna this month. She will see her husband fitting Shauna in a Forrester gown and when they start flirting, she will storm into the office. Brooke will not be happy seeing her husband flirting with another woman and she will tell Shauna to leave the office and will confront Ridge.

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6. Change Of Heart

Since Katie turned down Bill’s wedding proposal, her sisters have tried to convince her to reconsider. But will she? Katie rightfully senses Bill is still hung up on her sister Brooke. This makes her feel like she is Bill’s consolation prize. Brooke has told her she will never go there again if Katie and Bill remarry. But can Katie really trust either of them?

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5. Meddling Mother From Hell

Once Quinn gets an idea in her head, viewers know it is next to impossible to convince her otherwise. She is absolutely certain Wyatt belongs with Flo and in May she will do everything in her power to break up Wyatt and Sally. She’s already started meddling in their relationship, much to her son’s displeasure. By her side in this quest is her good friend Shauna. Will Quinn continue to spy on Sally when she’s working closely with Thomas and if so, will she see anything that she can report to Wyatt?

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4. There Must Be Some Misunderstanding

Rumor has it, Flo will once again plant a “grateful” kiss on Wyatt. But this time, Sally will see it. What she won’t see after she’s walked away is Wyatt gently pushing Flo away, saying he understands how she feels but he is committed to Sally. When Sally waits for Wyatt to tell her about the kiss and he doesn’t, she decides maybe Quinn has been right all along, and Wyatt really does want to be with Flo. But will it be enough to convince Sally to move out of the beach house and break up with Wyatt?

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3. Manipulative Suitor

Steffy’s nanny Amelia will be back on the B&B canvas in May. Will she be assisting Thomas with another scheme to break up Hope and Liam and reunite Steam? Thomas has admitted to several people, including his father and Sally, that he wants Hope for himself. And since he’s already achieved part one of his goal – shipping Liam off to Paris – will he put part two into action and try to win Hope over?  Thomas will continue to badger Hope this month about letting go of Liam so he can be with Steffy and the girls, but will she give in?

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2. Steffy Returns

Spoilers tease Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) will be back filming in late April and may be back onscreen in late May. It looks like Liam will have told her about baby Phoebe being a Logan by the time she returns. There’s no doubt this news will not please her and she’ll assume this means nothing but trouble for her with the Logans, specifically Brooke. Since she’s been away, her brother Thomas has also been busy, meddling in Hope and Liam’s love life. So, will Steffy’s return signal the beginning of a Steam reunion?

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1. Brand New Family

With Liam away in Paris visiting Steffy and his daughter Kelly, Thomas sees an opportunity to get closer to Hope while her husband is out of town. Spoilers tease Thomas will continue to visit Hope at the cabin with Douglas and one night he will show up on his own. He will tell Hope he’d never really gotten over her and would like another chance. Hope will be shocked, but will she be open to Thomas’ suggestion and see it as a chance to be a mother to Douglas and have a brand-new family? Tune in to find out!

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