Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (September 10, 2018)


On the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) this week, Ridge will make his choice between the Intimates and Hope For The Future clothing collections and the fallout will be tremendous. Also, Brooke derides Steffy for interfering in Hope’s happiness and a marriage proposal is made. Find out more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of September 10, 2018.

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9. Zoe Makes Her Move

Xander will rent a beachside cabana for himself and Emma this week at the Bikini Bar but Zoe will be lying in wait for the pair, spying on them as they try to enjoy a romantic evening together. No doubt Zoe has a plan in mind to interrupt the evening as there’s no way she’s going to hand her man over to Emma without a fight.

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8. Brooke Scolds Steffy

Brooke continues her tirade against Steffy this week after she eavesdropped on a frank conversation between Ridge and Steffy regarding his upcoming clothing line decision. On Friday’s show, Brooke told Steffy she was fed up with her interfering in Hope’s happiness. This week, Brooke will tell Steffy to “stop lashing out at Hope because Liam chose her instead of you.” What Brooke seems to be forgetting is that Liam didn’t choose Hope — Steffy handed him over to her.

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7. Steffy Flaunts It

Steffy is not only Co-CEO of Forrester and the creator of the Intimates line, she’s also a model and this week she’ll be wearing a piece from her new lingerie line. Rumor has it, she’ll be flaunting her thin, lingerie-wearing, post-baby body in front of a pregnant Hope. Knowing Liam is in the building, Hope will not be happy about this turn of events.

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6. Strong Show Of Support

Steffy’s Intimates line will receive a lot of encouragement from support staff at Forrester Creations this week, specifically Sally and Quinn. Although Sally is currently working for the Hope For The Future line, Hope has made it abundantly clear to Sally that she is working for the line only and will not be designing any clothing. Since designing is Sally’s passion, viewers can expect her to throw her support behind Steffy and hopefully contribute designs to the Intimates line. Quinn has been a big supporter of Steffy’s and was instrumental in Eric appointing her as Co-CEO, so her support is not a surprise.

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5. Put a Ring On It

Thorne takes a page out of Wyatt’s playbook and proposes to Katie this week, even though it seems like they’ve been dating for about a week. If Katie hesitates to accept, Thorne will likely promote the idea that a two-parent family would look good to a judge in Katie’s custody case against Bill. On the other hand, it could backfire, because if Katie does say yes, Bill will likely find a way to use a quickie engagement/marriage against her. And if Katie is wearing an engagement ring the next time he sees her, viewers can expect Bill’s anger level to rise even further.

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4. Bill and Brooke Hatch A Plot

Brooke has agreed to go to Katie on Bill’s behalf to make sure he doesn’t lose custody of his son Will. Not only that, spoilers are indicating that Brooke will fully support Bill, even if that means her sister could get hurt in the process. This week, she will go to Katie to ask her to back down from her sole custody suit. Katie, however, will have no idea her sister is there on Bill’s behalf, as Brooke will ask Bill to keep her support a secret.

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3. Rekindling A Brill Romance

Now that he’s got Steffy out of his system for the time being, Bill will continue to recall fond memories of his romance with Brooke. Brooke is already seeing Bill behind Ridge’s back, although it’s only to help him with his custody battle. If Ridge finds out Brooke has been secretly meeting with Bill, there could be trouble for Bridge. Could Brooke’s feelings for Bill start to turn into something more?

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2. Stuck In The Middle With You

The latest battle between Hope and Steffy is not going to be good for Liam. He’s been so pleased that his two “sister wives” have been getting along, but it’s sure been short lived. Now that the women are once again at odds, it puts him smack dab in the middle of it. Liam was very supportive of Hope’s concerns that her clothing line will be the one that is scaled back, but he’s also got to consider Steffy’s feelings on the matter and you can bet she’ll be making her current feelings toward Hope very clear whenever they’re together.

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1. Ridge Makes His Choice

Hope and Steffy hold their breath as Ridge makes his decision on which clothing collection will be chosen for Forrester’s new season and which will be scaled back. Expect big drama this week and lots of meddling, mainly from Hope’s mom Brooke. Which line will be chosen, Hope For The Future or Steffy’s Intimates lingerie line? Spoilers say Steffy’s Intimates Line is going to come out on top and the consequences should be spectacular.

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