The Young And The Restless’ 10 Most Shocking Cliffhangers

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What would the land of television be without cliffhangers? They appear in primetime dramas, comedies, and sometimes even reality shows. They are also quite prevalent in the land of daytime soaps, but unlike other shows, they aren’t done at the end of a season so fans don’t have to wait long to find out what happens. Soap opera cliffhangers generally occur on Thursday or Friday to create a build up of anticipation. Here’s a list of some of the most shocking cliffhangers in the land of the Young and the Restless (Y&R)!

10. Out Of The Ashes

This cliffhanger took place in 2007 and was launched with a tremendous amount of publicity and had its own name, referred as Y&R’s “Out of the Ashes” storyline. A resort and casino was being built nearby Genoa City in a town known as Clear Springs. There was an explosion in the underground parking garage that caused a building to collapse, and as luck would have it, many main characters were in the area at the time, most of which were injured in some form or another due to being ‘trapped’ from the incident. Would there be fatalities? Would anyone be drastically injured? What would happen to Vicky Newman, Kay Chancellor, Amber Moore, Sharon and Nick Newman, Jack Abbott and others? It was one of those cliffhangers that rocked the Y&R and its fans to their very core.



9. What Happen to Brad Carlton?

There wasn’t a dry eye in any Y&R fan’s home the day everyone realized what happened to Brad Carlton that winter in 2009. The storyline was a heated one at the time: Brad followed a confused Sharon to the Abbott cabin to state his love for her only to be rejected. There was a terrible snow storm in Genoa City (and surrounding areas) that night and as he headed home, he stopped due to car issues and heard Sharon’s son Noah in need of help. Noah was drowning, Brad saved him, but the aftermath would create shock waves throughout the Y&R. Noah was saved, but where was Brad Carlton and why was he not around? Carlton’s body was found shortly after, frozen under the ice. He had saved Noah from drowning, but died a hero suffering the very same fate the boy almost had.