Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s 8 Big Bads Ranked From Worst To Best

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6. The First Evil

The First Evil was a bit of a letdown. For most of the season, it spoke through other characters (including Buffy), which didn’t have the desired effect. Although The First did get a lot scarier when Caleb the misogynistic preacher (played by Nathan Fillion) entered the picture at the end of season seven, it would have been much more effective to have had Caleb around early on to give the First Evil a much-needed face.

Source: Buffyverse Wiki – Fando


5. The Master

The Master was the first Big Bad on Buffy. During season one, the writers really tried to build him up. He did a lot of talking about bringing Hell on Earth and in the season finale he did end up killing Buffy, but then she was resuscitated, which lead to her killing him. He really could have been scarier and more developed, but we will give him points for being the only Big Bad to kill the slayer.

Source: Buffyverse Wiki – Fandom