7 Young And The Restless Characters We Wish Never Left

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5. Avery Clark

Speaking of Dylan, who else wishes Avery Clark never left Y&R? She had established solid roots in Genoa City thanks to her sister Phyllis and niece Summer. The gorgeous lawyer seemed like the total package: smart, sassy, funny, and beautiful. She bid adieu to Y&R in 2015 when she decided to start fresh in a new town. The silver lining to all this is the fact that Avery could easily slip back into storylines at any moment in time. There are many Y&R fans out there that would do a little happy dance if and when that happened.

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4. Grace Turner

Much like Deacon Sharpe, Grace Turner is a character that loves to stir the pot. She came between Nick and Sharon Newman in the late 1990s and was an all-around schemer. While she was a villainess on the show, she certainly made things in Genoa City interesting and dramatic. Grace has come back to the Y&R now and again for special appearances; however, many fans would love to see her brought back for good.

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