10 Young And The Restless Couples Ranked From Worst To Best

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Young and the Restless (Y&R) centers around the trials and tribulations (and corporate shenanigans) within Genoa City. Sure, there is tons of drama that unfolds weekly; however, there is also a lot of love that goes around. We have couples that simply want to fool around, couples that are truly in love, and those unique couples that hit soap opera super couple status. Below is a list of ten of some popular Y&R super couples ranked from worst to best.

10. Victoria Newman and Ryan McNeil

Many can’t really picture Victoria Newman with anyone but Billy Abbott, but the truth is, she had a beautiful love affair with her first husband Ryan McNeil. The two fell in love in the early ‘90s as Vicky was learning the ropes at Newman Enterprises and Ryan was eager to climb that corporate ladder. They got hitched in 1992 and broke up, but as is the case in soaps, they once again came back together in the early 2000s. Sadly, at their second wedding, just as things were about to become official, Ryan was shot and killed by his ex-girlfriend which tragically ended this beautiful love story.

Source: Young and the Restless Wikia


9. Sharon Newman and Adam Newman

Sharon really does love those Newman men! First she fell in love with Nick Newman, and then had a creepy love affair with his dad Victor, and even married his half-brother Dylan McAvoy. There was also a time she hit super couple status with Nick’s other half-brother, Adam. Despite being wronged by Adam, Sharon still fell in love with the town’s bad boy and shared a deep dark love with him. They eventually moved on to others, but these two had a complicated relationship, filled with a ton of chemistry.

Source: CBS