Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (January 20, 2020)

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While celebrating after a successful Jabot business trip, Kyle will kiss Summer, Fen will catch Michael and Lauren off guard, and Sharon will deal with her breast cancer diagnosis this week on The Young and the Restless (Y&R). Plus, we have a sneak peek at what will happen next week on Y&R. Read below for more Y&R spoilers for the week of January 20, 2020.

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10. Spoilin’ For A Fight

The spoilers tease that Kyle will punch Theo this week. It’s no secret Kyle has been keeping his eye on his cousin lately, especially when it comes to his relationship with Lola. Theo and Lola have become friends, and it’s brought out the green-eyed monster in Kyle. Will he witness a close moment between his wife and his rival, or will he see them in a compromising position? And will Summer have to break up yet another altercation between the two men?

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9. Your Kiss Is On My Lips

Speaking of Summer, she and Kyle will hit the road on a promotional trip to San Francisco for Jabot. Spoilers tease the trip will be a smashing success, and the pair will close a deal to purchase a cosmetics company. Back at the hotel, they will celebrate with some drinks from the minibar. After Kyle asks Summer if she and Theo are truly through, she’ll throw it back to him and ask if he and Lola are truly happily married. “Summer isn’t being manipulative,” Hunter King, who plays Summer on Y&R, told Soap Opera Digest. “She’s trying to be mature and honest, but in that moment, there’s this pull of chemistry between them.” Rumor has it Kyle will pull Summer in for a kiss. Will the passion between them turn into something even more?

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8. Victoria Struggles

Victoria will struggle to get through to Billy this week. The couple has faced a lot of troubles lately – Billy has been distant, and Victoria has been worried about him. She knows he stopped seeing his therapist, and she recently found a receipt in his jacket from the dive bar he and Amanda frequent. When Billy fessed up about his friendship and conversations with Amanda, an angry and upset Victoria told him to get bent. Spoilers show Victoria and Billy will reach a stalemate this week. Is Villy headed for splitsville?

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7. Amanda Sets Some Boundaries

Speaking of Billy, it looks like Amanda will set some boundaries with him this week. She’s going to tell him he can’t just go running to her every time he has a problem with Victoria. Amanda will begin to realize that she is not a therapist, and that’s what Billy really needs. Although she enjoys their bond and their talks, she may also be worried their friendship could cross a line.

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6. Fen Has News

Other spoilers tease Fen will catch Lauren and Michael off guard this week. He’s been back in Genoa City and out of rehab since Christmas when he surprised them with his visit. Will he tell them he’s using again and needs to go back into rehab? Or is he planning on sticking around town for a while?

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5. Nick Pontificates

Rumor has it, Nick will lay down the law this week. Will this have something to do with Adam? Viewers are aware that Nick isn’t exactly Adam’s biggest fan, and Chadam’s reunion hasn’t sat well with him. He’s going to start to suspect that Adam is up to no good again. Will Nick’s suspicions be proven true?

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4. Adam Schemes With Chance

It looks like Nick may have a very good reason to be suspicious that his brother is up to something as spoilers tease Adam will plot with Chance this week. Adam has been all sunshine and roses since his reunion with Chelsea. He even told Victor he was going to restore Dark Horse as a legacy for Connor. So, what will he and Chance be plotting about?

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3. Sharon Deals With Her Diagnosis

Sharon will deal with her breast cancer diagnosis this week. Even though she suspected something was wrong when she found a lump in her breast on New Year’s Day, she had still hoped for the best. Sharon was stunned when she got the call from her doctor that the lump was malignant and is stage II cancer. This week, she will begin to deal with her illness, with the full support of her family and friends.

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2. Faith Is Here To Stay

Now that Sharon and Nick have decided Faith can take a break from boarding school for a while, their daughter will decide she’s leaving the school for good. Spoilers tease Sharon will tell Rey she feels guilty about it. “Rey assures Sharon that Fair isn’t making a sacrifice,” Head Writer Josh Griffith said. “But rather a decision to be closer to her mother when she’s needed the most.” With Faith coming back to the Y&R canvas, will viewers also see the return of Sharon and Nick’s son Noah?

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of January 27

Victoria will be given ammunition from Victor, and it looks like it will have something to do with Billy, as other spoilers tease Billy will be in trouble. Also, sparks will fly between Abby and Chance and Devon is going to be faced with a particularly difficult decision. But what will it be? Stay tuned to Y&R to find out!

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