Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (October 5 – 16, 2020)

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Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Is anyone still reeling from Friday’s episode? This week will deal with all the aftermath around Elena and Nate’s indiscretion! Elena will struggle with a difficult decision, while Nate will play with fire. Also, Nikki will have a confession to make! Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for October 5 to October 16, 2020.

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12. Nate and Elena

What happened between these two on Friday’s episode? Most Y&R fans could see some sparks between Amanda and Devon forming, but Nate and Elena have always been just “friends!” The aftermath of their romp will roll out the week of October 5th, as Nate will push the envelope, and Elena will have a hard time dealing with a painful choice. Expect some interesting (and heated) scenes, and the show works around pandemic guidelines to roll this storyline out!

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11. Baby Fisher

Moving on to some lighter Y&R spoilers, Kevin and Chloe will await their little bundle of joy the week of October 5th! There’s a good chance fans will finally get to see the Baldwin/Fisher clan this week, as actor Christian Leblanc hinted as much on his social media. The week of October 12th has the soap’s teasers indicating that the couple has to make an important decision.

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10. Nick’s World

Across town this week, Y&R spoilers state that Nick will stumble on a secret. Does this have to do with Phyllis? Added teasers reveal that Phyllis will stand her ground on an issue this week. Could Nick question her about her taxes? Could she try and hide her financial issues from him, only to get busted? Or does this “secret” have to do with Kyle and Summer?

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9. Focused on Faith

Speaking of Nick, the week of October 5th will have him and Sharon worried about Faith. Somehow, the young girl got dragged into this Adam issue, and she is now being bullied by peers via text. Can they already see the signs, or just see that Faith is withdrawn? In other related teasers, Sharon will recover from her latest surgery this week.

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8. Lily Gets An Offer

Y&R spoilers reveal that Lily will get an interesting offer this coming week. Will someone try to recruit her away from Chancellor Communications, or is this coming Victor? In other news for the week of October 5th, Lily will also work hard to ensure Billy stays “in line”. Looking ahead to the week of October 12th. Lily and Amanda will make amends.

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7. Victoria’s Power Move

Y&R spoilers suggest that Victoria will make a power move this week. What will she be up to now, and does this have to do with Newman? In other Vicky news, Victor will try and extend an olive branch to his daughter this week. Could Vicky regret her power-move decision?

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6. Jack’s Interesting Link

Y&R spoilers hint that Lauren and Jack will share an unexpected connection this week. Could this have to do with the emerald necklace, and what’s the link to Lauren? Could she have once held the piece in her possession? Maybe her dad gifted it to her? Or maybe her mom owned it at one point in time?

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5. Victor and Nikki

Y&R spoilers reveal that Nikki will confess something early this coming week. As the days go by, Adam will work hard to place a wedge between Nikki and Victor. Seems as if even though Victor is working hard to protect him, all Adam sees is red. Adam is bent on getting revenge, and it doesn’t seem as if anyone can stop him.

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4. Victor Crosses The Line

Meanwhile, despite Adam coming between him and Nikki in the coming days, Victor will continue to go that extra mile for his son. Y&R spoilers for the week of October 12 state that the Moustache will go to the extreme to help his son. What more could Victor do at this point?

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3. Abby and Chance

Speaking of Adam, while Abby and Chance are already talking kids at this point, they’ll also still be dealing with the issue that plagues their relationship, which is Chance’s friendship with Adam. This coming week, Abby will want Chance to cut ties with his Vegas pal, once and for all. Will he oblige?

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2. Ashley Taken Aback

Fast forward to the week of October 12th, and will Abby get her wish? It’s hard to say; however, Y&R spoilers do reveal that Ashley will be taken aback by something that Abby says. Could it be that she and Chance have split up? Or does she tell her mom that she’s ready to try and have another baby?

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1. Chelsea’s Trip

Last but not least, Y&R spoilers for this week indicate that Chelsea is set to take a trip of sorts. It’ll come out of the blue, and it doesn’t seem as if it’ll be a pleasant getaway. Added video previews for the show tease that Lawson may get kidnapped, as it shows someone coming up from behind her, and covering her mouth. Yikes!

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