Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For July 2021

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What has brought Stitch back to Genoa City? Will Chance make a comeback this month? Is Ashland fooling Victoria? Now that Sally has everything she wants, will she finally be happy? So many questions, so few answers! As such, below are some Young and the Restless (Y&R) plotline predictions for July 2021.

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12. Why Is Stitch Back?

Could Stitch be back in Genoa City to see Abby? Seems odd that he just popped back out of nowhere for a “retirement” party! Is there a bigger story to all this? Could Stitch be the “bad guy” that Chance is trying to bring to justice, during the current mission he’s on? Then, there’s also the idea that Stitch is out for revenge.

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11. The Kelly Andrews Factor

Remember Kelly, Stitch’s sister? She wasn’t exactly mentally stable while on her way out of Y&R storylines a few years back. In fact, she was quite obsessed with Jack, and wasn’t fond of Phyllis. Could Stitch be back to get some revenge on the Abbott family, specifically Jack? He might try and hurt Abby to get at Jack.

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10. Stitch Has Changed

He may play the decent doctor, but if his son has been “in and out of mental facilities” over the years, that could cause anyone to change. Plus, mental instability clearly runs in the family if Stitch’s sister also suffered from mental health issues. Could Stitch try and attack Abby? Maybe Mariah, as she’s carrying her child?

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9. Chance Returns

If Stitch is a threat, could Chance return in July, just in time to save the day? Y&R spoilers back in April suggested that the soap was doing a casting call for a character that fit his description. Chance would be a recast, but he could return to save Abby or Mariah from Stitch. He might also come back because his mission is complete, and to enjoy prepping for the arrival of Baby Abbott-Newman-Chancellor!

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8. Ashland Is Fooling Everyone

Does anyone else believe that Ashland’s illness is a big hoax? He’s gaining a ton of sympathy from Tara and the Abbotts; plus, Victoria is almost handing him Newman Enterprises. Could he be lying? Faking a dire condition would allow him time with Harrison, plus a merger. This deception would kill two birds with one stone: he’d get back at Victor, as well as Kyle.

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7. Special Visitor At The Abbott Mansion

Y&R spoilers hint that a special guest is set to arrive at the Abbott Mansion in early July. Could it be Ashley? Or perhaps Ashland, looking to spend more time with Harrison during his last days? Maybe it’s someone from The Bold and the Beautiful? The two shows have been doing so much crossover stuff, it might be fun to have a Forrester arrive and stay with the Abbotts as they conduct business together.

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6. Victoria’s Been Punk’d

Back to Ashland, he’ll unveil the truth after the Newman merger is complete. Victoria and Victor will be beside themselves, and the Locke-Ness Monster will feel smug for getting the better of them. Sadly, he might not realize the beasts he’s unleashed. Victor and Vic will come together, stronger than ever, to make sure Ashland pays.

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5. Vicky Ends Up Expecting

What if Victoria realizes what a monster Locke is, only to realize she’s expecting his baby? Could she use the child in her revenge scheme, or keep the entire thing to herself? She might not only feel embarrassed for being duped but also try to forget her relationship with Ashland ever happened.

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4. The Last Summer

Is this the last Y&R fans will see of Summer? It can’t be, right? Surely, scenes with Ms. Newman will take place in Italy! She’ll dive right into work and love it, but desperately miss Kyle. Could a new, handsome stranger help her forget about “what’s his name” Abbott? The idea of a new man in Summer’s life could offer a distraction; however, it might also act as a reminder of what she misses most.

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3. Tara Will Try, Tara Will Fail!

Tara will try with all her might to help Kyle forget about “what’s her name” Newman, and she’ll fail, considerably. No amount of “reminiscing” about the past will help her. What Tara may resort to next is pure underhandedness; could she try and get Kyle drunk to take advantage of him? Perhaps she will succeed at this.

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2. Phyllis Visits Summer

Phyllis knows something’s up. She may want to get to the bottom of why Summer left. She could pop in on her daughter in Italy. Summer may finally crack during her mother’s visit. Phyllis will reel at the idea that Tara, and possibly Sally Spectra, got the better of Summer. She’ll unleash a revenge plan of her own.

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1. Sally Has Everything She’s Ever Wanted… Almost…

Speaking of Sally, she’ll score the top spot at JCV and feel quite content with herself. She’ll finally have everything she’s ever wanted. Well, almost. With Summer in Italy, can Spectra snag Jack back in her corner? She may be relentless in her pursuit to re-win the heart of the “perfect” man for her. She’s played “nice” so far, but could Spectra get down and dirty to win Jack back? Could she try and lure him into the bedroom?

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