Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For April 2020

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With April on the horizon, it’s natural for most Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans to wonder what will happen next in the land of Genoa City! Will Kyle move forward with his separation from Lola? Will Phyllis and Nick go public with their reunion? What will the Moustache do when he finds out about what Adam is up to? Below are some Y&R plotline predictions for April 2020.

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12. Theo Tries To Get Dina’s Will Changed

Y&R spoilers suggest that Theo will pay a visit to Dina in early April. With sights set on ruining Kyle and taking over Jabot, could he be up to no good? Perhaps he decides to convince Dina to change her will, or maybe to sign over some stocks or shares to him? Regardless, this won’t be a sweet visit from her grandson (although he will make it seem like that).

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11. Phick Will Deal With It From All Ends

As per Y&R spoilers, Phyllis and Nick will go public with their reunion, and while it may “feel so good” to them, others will become very judge-y. They will likely have to deal with backlash from everyone, including family, friends, and potentially exes as well (looking right at you, Sharon and Billy).

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10. Sharon’s Results

Y&R spoilers tease that Sharon will insist on going alone to a doctor’s appointment in early April, one that will provide some results on tests she’s recently conducted. Sharon wants her to keep her independence, and will refuse Mariah and Rey’s request to join her. With that said, there’s a good possibility that she may get some bad news.

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9. Sharon Skips Town

If Sharon gets some bad news, she may decide to just leave town to avoid any hurt she could cause her family by deteriorating in front them. She’s got the resources to skip out of Genoa City in an instant, and she may decide that her chemo and situation are just not worth fighting for at this point. She may feel like she should live out the remaining part of her days alone to save everyone the heartache.

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8. Rey and Mariah Go Out To Look For Her

Rey and Mariah won’t stand for Sharon skipping town. It’ll only take one day or two before they start to a search. It may take a couple of weeks to eventually find Sharon, but they will track her down. They’ll probably get some help from Nick and Victor, as well as Paul, along the way. When they find her, they’ll talk some sense into her, and she’ll resume her chemo. Some weeks away from treatment won’t really affect anything, and things will start to look up for Sharon.

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7. Life Is Too Short

After all her mom has gone through, Mariah will have an epiphany. Life is too short to waste even a moment of time. She’ll find Tessa on the road, get down on one knee, and finally propose to the love of her life; however, sadly, the answer from Tessa just may be no.

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6. Tessa Hooks Up With A Fan

While the two are in la-la land now, as Mariah will be preoccupied with Sharon for most of April, temptation will hit Tessa on the road. She won’t be interested in Tanner, but she may get catch the attention of an over-zealous fan. Mix alcohol into the equation, and Tessa will do exactly what Mariah did to her recently. Except with both ladies cheating at this point, they may realize it is time they both move on.

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5. Billy and Lily At Odds

Y&R spoilers suggest that Traci Abbott will offer up some advice to Lily in early April. Could Lily need some input on how to deal with Billy? The two have very different work ethics, and a clash over the vision and strategies around Chancellor Media is inevitable between these two. But, could their “fighting” sessions equal out chemistry both inside and outside that board room?

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4. Kyle Struggles With A Decision

Y&R spoilers indicate that Kyle will have to make a hard choice of sorts in early April, and this may have to do with Lola. Could he want to push forward their divorce, only to find out she’s expecting? If this was the case, then he may choose to go back to his marriage, try and fix it for the sake of his little “family” and leave Summer behind.

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3. Lola Fakes The Paternity

Or, Lola could end up expecting, and keep the news from Kyle. Once they hit over a month of separation, Lola could approach Theo, tell him the situation she’s in (and the fact that she doesn’t want Kyle in her child’s life), and the two could concoct a plan where they “pretend” that Theo is the father of her baby. He’d happilyy oblige to a scheme of that sort!

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2. Adam Blackmails

Y&R spoilers hint that Adam will set up a meeting with his dad, reveal the information Alyssa has found regarding her dad’s passing, plus the connection to Victor. He will even turn around and blackmail the Moustache, and there is nothing Adam wants more than to sit in that Newman CEO chair. But, will Victor just hand it over?

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1. Co-CEO Partnership

Victor will have to agree to Adam’s terms, for the time being. Still, with Nick just stepping into the role, and stockholder confidence to think about, Victor will refuse to allow Adam to be Newman’s sole CEO, he’ll have to be in the role along with Nick. The fireworks between these brothers are sure to fly. That is, until Victor is able to dig up the dirt on Adam. Once that happens, he’ll fire Adam without blinking an eyelash.

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