Young And The Restless: Spoilers For February 2019

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February Sweeps means that Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans need to brace themselves for some explosive drama in Genoa City! Learn more about what will happen to The Newmans, Sharon, Billy, Phyllis, Jack, the Rosales Clan and others in the 12 Y&R crazy and shocking spoilers for February 2019.

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12. Bad News For Billy

Y&R spoilers for February indicate some bad news for Billy Abbott, and this most likely has to do with Nikki losing little Katie (in the Newman Ranch) while babysitting her. Billy will find out about his daughter’s disappearance and be quite distraught. Here’s hoping the child gets found and soon.

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11. Revenge For Victor

Victor Newman always has some sort of target on his back, but come early February, spoilers tease that someone will be out to get The Moustache. You can rule out Jack Abbott this time around, as he is over his rivalry with Victor, but this situation will seemingly get really out of hand.

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10. Grudge Continues

In fact, Y&R spoilers for February tease that whoever this mysterious person is, their grudge against Victor and the rest of the Newmans will continue for a majority of the month. Teasers suggest the perpetrator will use J.T.’s death as a way to continue to get back at the family and torture them.

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9. Victor The Protector

As this mysterious person seeking revenge continues their tirade in February, Y&R spoilers indicate that The Moustache will work very hard to protect his family, as the Newmans rally together against this threat. This person may have the upper hand now, but no one should ever bet against Victor Newman.

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8. Nick Upset

After finding out the truth around Phyllis and Sharon role in the entire J.T. murder plot, Nick will be quite distraught in early February, and re-examine his relationship with both ladies. This month might very well mark the end of his courtship with Phyllis, but he could also place his friendship with Sharon on the backburner too, as he’s upset that she has once again kept something from him (while they were together).

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7. Phyllis Tries To Stay On Point

With the revenge plot against Victor and the Newmans, Y&R spoilers for February indicate that Phyllis will try to keep her hate-on for the Moustache undercover. She’ll struggle with this, as she truly believes that he should rot in prison for what he did to her years ago with Marco Annicelli.

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6. Billy and Phyllis

Do we see a reunion on the horizon? Maybe. With Nick potentially leaving her in the dust thanks to their difference of opinion when it comes to his dad, Phyllis may give Billy another chance. Regardless, Billy-Boy will open up to his ex in early February. He’s got a lot going on and could use a shoulder to lean on.

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5. Summer In Genoa City

With Summer’s return, expect a ton of chaos! Y&R spoilers for February indicate that upon her strolling back into town she’ll have one thing on her mind, and that is winning Kyle back. He’s currently smitten with Lola, so expect Summer to be up to her old antics by causing some trouble between these two.

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4. An Accomplice

However, Summer won’t be working on breaking up Lola and Kyle on her own. Y&R spoilers tease that Summer will recruit childhood BFF Fen as an accomplice to interfere with Kyle’s new-found relationship by trying to distract Lola. Summer has a huge goal on her mind, and she’ll stop at nothing to get Kyle all to herself. Besides, Fen seems to want to help.

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3. Cane Wants Lily Back

Y&R spoilers for February tease that Cane will try and do all he can to make it right with Lily. He sure screwed up majorly with the make-out sessions he had with Victoria, and he now wants to make amends with his wife. It seems he will face an uphill battle when it comes to winning over Lily again.

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2. Devon Learns The Truth

Y&R February spoilers suggest that Devon will find out the truth around the secret Ana’s been keeping from him. He’ll also figure out she’s got a bit of an agenda around the situation. Sadly, Y&R fans will see some huge conflict arise between the two siblings, as Devon will no longer trust Ana as a result of her lies.

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1. Rosales Family

Someone’s a tad jealous about Abby and Arturo’s engagement, huh? Y&R spoilers for February indicate that Mia’s feelings for her brother-in-law will cause issues in her relationship and for the entire family. She’ll work pretty hard this month to sabotage Abby and Arturo’s happiness and pending nuptials. Does Mia even know what she truly wants?

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