Young And The Restless: Greatest Couples Of All Time

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There’s nothing better than a good love story to truly keep soap opera fans tuned in daily to their favorite daytime drama. With that said, The Young and the Restless (Y&R) has showcased some pretty amazing romances over their tenure. Below is an overview of some of the greatest Y&R couples of all time.

13. J.T Hellstrom and Colleen Carlton

There is nothing quite like young love, and J.T. and Colleen’s romance was something lovely to watch. While they started off as friends, Colleen would develop a crush on J.T., and the two eventually shared a beautiful relationship. Their spark could still be felt even after they broke up, but sadly, Colleen passed away in 2009, thus ending any chance of a reunion between these two.

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12. Kevin Fisher and Chloe Mitchell

Not only are Chloe and Kevin great together, but they can also be highly entertaining to watch on daytime screens, adding a bit of comedy to the drama. They are both quirky, a little dark, very complicated, and things just work between them. Moreover, the best part of this Y&R super couple is their love, and how they never truly give up on each other.

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11. Danny Romalotti and Christine Blair

Local rockstar falls for sweet girl-next-door? It may not work in real life, but Y&R audiences ate up the romance that unraveled between “Cricket” and Danny in the 1990s. While they didn’t make it the long haul, and lawyer Christine makes a great fit with police chief Paul Williams right now, it still was fun while it lasted.

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10. Brad Carlton and Traci Abbott

Digging into the Y&R history vault, we come up with a couple that epitomized the rich-girl-falls-for-stable boy love story that seems to be a prevalent theme in soap operas, and dramas in general. Back in the 1980s, fans were rooting for Traci, as the Abbott that kept her nose out of Jabot and was a bit mousier and less glamourous than big sister Ashley. Alas, they did break up, but still had a nice little reminder of a pretty cool romance in their daughter Colleen.

9. Cane Ashby and Lily Winters

Still feels a little odd that Cane and Lily aren’t together anymore; after all, their relationship spanned well over a decade. They endured a lot during their romance, from affairs to mistaken identities, baby drama, cancer, and so much more. Sadly, a simple kiss with Victoria would be the straw that ultimately broke the camel’s back; however, who could really blame Lily after all the lies she heard from Cane over the years.

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8. Adam Newman and Chelsea Lawson

These two aren’t together at the moment, but is it only a matter of time? After all, they had quite the spark and romance in their day. Perhaps the best thing about them was that they were two ex-cons (trying to be good decent people), so they knew the worst in each other, but brought out the best when they were together (that is, before Adam came back to the land of the living in 2019).

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7. Jack Abbott and Phyllis Summers

It’s too bad that Jack and Red couldn’t make it work. While Phyllis can’t keep her hands off of other men while they are together, she was the one that made him the happiest, and the two shared a chemistry together like no other. Jack truly loves Phyllis; however, trust will always be an issue between these two.

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6. Nick Newman and Sharon Newman

Shick fans everywhere will agree that Nick and Sharon are one of the greatest Y&R super couples; however, they just can’t seem to truly get their act together when it comes to their relationships. After decades of being together, one would think that they should’ve perfected the communication aspect within their romance, but that has always been their downfall.

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5. Billy Abbott and Victoria Newman

Affectionately known as “Villy” to some Y&R fans, this couple has chemistry no matter what actor is playing Billy Abbott. Calm, cool, and collected corporate powerhouse Vicky is a perfect match for the charming, funny, and sometimes a bit of screwup, Billy. Here’s hoping things work out for them this time around. Seems like it just might.

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4. Devon and Hilary Hamilton

Nothing was more heartbreaking in the summer of 2018 then Devon and Hilary realizing they were meant for each other, starting a family together, only for her to get struck by a truck during a car accident. Yes, they had their ups and downs, but not getting a second chance at a relationship was just as devastating as fans losing out on a great character like Hilary on their daytime screens.

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3. Neil and Dru Winters

Two incredible characters showcased an amazing love story, only for it to come to a halting end in 2007 when Dru was pushed off a cliff during a fight between Phyllis and Sharon. While Neil would eventually heal from his loss, dabbling in many relationships after the fact, it was never truly the same for him.

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2. Michael and Lauren Baldwin

Real-life couples could gain a tip or two from Lauren and Michael. They invest in each other, they take time for their relationship, they communicate well, and for the most part, they generally don’t hide things from each other. Makes sense, considering they’ve had more “ups” in their relationship than “downs.”

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1. Victor and Nikki Newman

Have they had a rollercoaster of a relationship over the years? Yes! Have they done some pretty terrible things to each other during their romance? Absolutely! But, Y&R fans know that during a Victor/Nikki breakup that it won’t last long, thanks to the incredible love they have for each other. Despite the lines they both have crossed, they always forgive and forget, reconcile, and move on.

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