Woman Drops $30K To Look Like Kim K

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These are the ones that make it really hard to remain objective. Fortunately, we’re a celebrity news blog, and that begs for subjectivity. However, in an effort to remain cordial, let’s try objectivity. Here we go.

A British woman, Claire Leeson, was regularly told by her friends that she looked like Kim Kardashian. In some ways, this was likely true–perhaps a few similarities in the realm of physical characteristics, but a true look-a-like…? Not quite. And that wasn’t good enough for Claire. She wanted to look just like Kim.

The look was likely secondary. She claimed that when she would do herself up like Kim, she would feel a tremendous boost in confidence. This is how most actors feel when they are playing roles. It’s a half-version of yourself. You get to make the choices, but somehow you feel as if it’s “not really you.”

Claire decided she liked strutting with the Kim style enough, she would go all-out, and have a few procedures done to make her look as close to Kim Kardashian as possible. So, Claire Leeson dropped some $30,000 to get her breasts done, teeth whitened, spray tans, really expensive makeup and some sort of work done to her butt. ‘Cause you can’t look like Kim if you don’t strut with a butt.

Here’s where the palm hits the face. Claire has taken on quite the line of employment since having all her work done. No, she’s not hookin’, so much as anyone knows, but she is putting her new look to the test of capitalism.

To see some comparison pics of Claire and Kim, and to hear what Claire is up to now, check out the video below!

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