8 Ways That Kylie Jenner Is Morphing Into Kim Kardashian

Kylie Jenner isn’t a lot like her sister Kendall. While Kendall is quiet, thoughtful and introspective, Kylie is self-centered and vain. She’s actually a lot like her half-sister Kim. Kendall is obviously trying to choose a different path than her older half-sisters, but not Kylie. She emulates all of her big sisters, especially Kim. While she probably likes to imagine that she’s a unique individual, we think that it is safe to say that she’s actually more like a cheaper version of Kanye’s wife. We don’t know if this was her intention or not, but it’s time she should face the fact that she is morphing into Kim.

Her Ridiculous Beauty Routine

When Kim Kardashian is getting ready, it can take hours, and it is no different for her little sister Kylie. According to Kylie, if she’s going out, it takes her about two and a half hours to get ready. This only includes putting on makeup and doing her hair. It takes her 40 minutes alone for her to outline her lips. For most people this would be excessive, but not for a Kardashian or a Jenner!

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Her Influence

Kim Kardashian is pretty influential. She has quite the following on Twitter and Instagram and she also has lots of endorsements. Even though many people expected her to fizzle out several years ago, she’s still around with more support than ever.

Kylie is also pretty influential. Like her sister, she has quite the following on Twitter and Instagram and she’s also got her own business deals and endorsements, which have allowed her at the age of 17 to afford a $2.7 million mansion. She’s definitely further ahead than Kim was at her age!

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Her Approach to Honesty

Kim Kardashain isn’t the most honest of celebrities. She tells the truth when it suits her and she isn’t afraid to lie about the things that she doesn’t want to talk about. Kylie is the same way. When her lips suddenly tripled in size, she spent a good year denying that she had anything done. It wasn’t until other young people started using shot glasses to get Kylie’s trout pout that the teenage reality star finally admitted to getting lip injections.

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Her Fear of Aging

Kim Kardashian has talked about her fear of aging – it’s why she had Botox a few years back. Now, she avoids aging by indulging in various plastic surgery procedures and by keeping a straight face. According to her, smiling causes wrinkles.

Kylie is just as terrified of aging and she is still a teenager. In interview with The Sunday Times, she said that she was scared to turn 19 and that she wanted to stay 18 forever. Ironically, Kylie already looks like she’s in her late 20s, so the fear seems a little irrational.

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The Insular Little World She Lives In

Kim Kardashian has always been really privileged – even before she became an international celebrity. Kylie is no different. When Kendall described a trip she and Kylie took together to The Sunday Times, she made Kylie seem just as self-centered and oblivious as their older sis. “We had a two-hour drive from the airport to where we were staying, and I’d left my phone in my bag, so I didn’t touch it the whole way. I looked out the window at everything, and I saw people who live in huts and have dogs that were, like, withering away. And all their food, meat, was hanging in front of their house. It was very sad. Then we pulled up to this amazing house we were staying at, and I looked over and Kylie was on her phone the whole time and didn’t see one thing that I saw,” Kendall said.

Like Kim, Kylie lives on her phone. If it doesn’t affect her, it doesn’t matter, which is pretty sad.

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Her Inappropriate Sense of Style

Since hooking up with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has been showing a lot more skin. She loves to wear things that are really tight and show midriff. To the Met Gala this year, she wore a dress that was almost see-through. Kylie has been taking note. She loves Kim’s sense of style and she dresses like her little mini-me. Since she’s only 17, the style doesn’t quite work on her, but she obviously can’t see that.

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Her Obsession with Selfies

Kim Kardashian has a Doctorate Degree in the art of taking the perfect selfie and she’s been teaching Kylie the tricks of the trade for years. Kylie is at the point where she’s probably ready to stop learning and start teaching. She is all about the selfies. According to her, she takes about 500 to get that one that she likes. From this, we only know one thing for sure – Kylie is definitely just as vain as her older sis.

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Her Love of Plastic Surgery

When it comes to her love of plastic surgery, Kim Kardashian has kept mum; however, just by looking at her face, we know she likes her injections. Her little half sister Kylie is no different. She has admitted to getting lip injections, but we think she may be getting a little more than that. Her chest has been looking a lot larger than it did a year ago and her skin has this waxy appearance, much like Kim’s. Kylie’s a little young to be playing with plastic surgery, don’t you think?

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