What Kim K’s Brunette Hair Change Says About A Possible Pregnancy

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Kim Kardashian has dyed her hair brown again — why was her blonde vacation so short?

The 34 year-old reality star shocked everyone when she dyed her hair platinum blonde for Paris Fashion Week — but now she’s already back to her natural brown color. Is there more to the story?

One theory is that Kim went back to being a brunette because of maintenance; Kim had to make frequent color appointments to keep the blonde shade looking fresh.

A source dished more: “It was a really fun adventure for her!” the co-owner of Goddard + Brag told Us Weekly. “It’s something she’s said outright that she’s been thinking for a while, but the time just hasn’t been right.”

Does the timing have something to with pregnancy? Kim clearly wasn’t pregnant when she went blonde, since she wouldn’t have subjected her body to the chemicals involved with dyeing your hair. She said she was trying to take the pressure off obsessing about getting pregnant and dyeing her hair blonde was one way to do so. She also said she was holding off on going platinum because she didn’t want to expose herself to those types of chemicals if she was pregnant.

But now that she’s back to her natural color, she won’t have to keep dyeing her hair to stay that way. If Kim gets pregnant, she’ll be able to go several months without coloring her hair.

Kim has said that she and husband Kanye West are trying for another baby — we’ll have to keep watching her hair color to see if we get any more clues about whether they are successful!

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