We Weigh In: Did Y&R Make A Mistake By Firing Jordi Vilasuso? 

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When Jordi Vilasuso, who portrays Rey Rosales on The Young and the Restless (Y&R), announced his departure from the canvas, everyone – including Vilasuso – was stunned. 

The surprise over his firing wasn’t character-focused, as Rey wasn’t an essential character to the show. However, it was the timing that caught the actor and Y&R viewers off-guard, as Rey was finding his groove after many months of inactivity.

Did Y&R make a mistake by firing Jordi Vilasuso? The timing is everything. If the CBS soap had scrapped Rey six months ago, it would’ve been a lot easier for fans to accept. But right now, as the cop is charming former grifter Chelsea Lawson, it looks like a foolish move on the part of Y&R.

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Six months ago, Rey had recovered from a poisoning incident but appeared lost in-between storylines. The detective played second-fiddle to Devon during Mariah’s rescue and festered over the idea that Adam would reinsert himself in Sharon’s life.

The character wasn’t just marginalized from storylines — being marginalized was his storyline. How many times did viewers watch Rey hang around Crimson Lights trying to win a moment of Sharon’s attention? Whether his wife was hovering over her grown kids or scrambling to order more bagels, Rey always came second. 

But all that changed in the spring of 2022, as Sharon’s neglect began to manifest in Rey’s awareness and he developed a closeness with Chelsea. Despite being the woman who poisoned him, Lawson brought out Rey’s jovial and fun side. This odd couple had real potential.

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Suddenly, for the first time since his sister Lola left Genoa City, this stoic detective had a light in his eyes again. And viewers were eager to see the chemistry between Rey and Chelsea blossom.

Even Rey’s professional life was showing signs of life, as his partner Chance was coming back to the force. Now that actor Conner Floyd is looking more comfortable in the role, the two detectives were developing some real camaraderie.

However, as Y&R spoilers testify, Rey is about to disappear from Genoa City forever. So why would the writing team build up the character’s romantic and professional potential, only to ax him from the show?

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When Vilasuso chimed in about his own firing, he revealed that the show’s decision appeared to happen rather suddenly.

“I had re-signed back in October [2021] for another three years,” the actor explained, “but in these contracts, there are six-month intervals where the show can decide not to re-sign you for the next six months. So that’s what happened.”

What viewers have been seeing and enjoying on-screen for the past several weeks were clearly the beginnings of storylines that would’ve kept Rey busy in Genoa City for the next three years. And then, all of a sudden, Y&R writers changed course.

Instead of seeing a love triangle between Rey, Sharon and Chelsea, or seeing Rey and Chance take on a criminal element in town, Rey will be a sacrificial lamb for a swift diversion in storytelling.

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Will fans revolt over Rey’s departure the same way The Bold and the Beautiful viewers have over John “Finn” Finnegan‘s demise? Probably not. However, the stakes are just as high. If Rey Rosales winds up losing his life, his passing will intensify a number of aging rivalries and romances in Genoa City. 

Will a grieving Sharon take solace in her newly single ex, Nick? Will Sharon blame Chelsea for sending Rey out on that foggy road? Will Chelsea suffer a setback in her rehabilitation, causing her to fight for Adam’s attention? 

Perhaps if Connor blames himself for Rey’s passing (because he asked Rey to hurry), then Chelsea will lean on Adam for help, forcing a renewed rivalry between Lawson and Sally. At least that’s a new storyline. But otherwise, Rey appears to be perishing so that Sharon, Nick and Chelsea can resume a familiar holding pattern – something head writer Josh Griffith does all too well

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For many viewers, Rey wasn’t just a character. He was the last remaining member of the Rosales family, after Arturo and Lola – who were both well-liked characters – departed the show. Y&R’s decision to remove Rey means erasing all Hispanic culture from Genoa City, and that’s a huge loss for the soap and its audience.

If there was ever a time to fire Vilasuso, it was last October when his character was doing nothing. But by offering the actor a three-year contract and then opting out six months later, Y&R has indeed made a major casting mistake. Let’s hope Vilasuso gets picked up by another soap and steals the show!

Did Y&R make a mistake by firing Jordi Vilasuso?

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