Teen Mom 2’s Jeremy Calvert Slams Leah Messer For Allegedly Faking Scenes

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Over the many seasons of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, many of the series’ stars have spoken out about MTV manipulating scenes to create situations, and Teen Mom 2′s Jeremy Calvert is the latest to air his issues with the network.

The ex-husband of Leah Messer took to his Instagram on Monday, January 16 after a new episode of the show, slamming both Messer and MTV for allegedly faking scenes.

In the episode, fans watched as Leah got increasingly more anxious after she received a text from Calvert stating he was taking their daughter Addie on an impromptu trip to Ohio and then did not respond to any of Messer’s phone calls. “So, to clarify tonight’s episode about me leaving West Virginia and not informing Leah on my travels…” he captioned a video of himself talking about the situation. “I texted her at 6:42 pm and did not get a text message back until 9:38 pm when I was already in Ohio. ”

He went on to explain that while the episode showed Messer freaking out about Calvert’s lack of communication and accusing him of “lying” his way out of things. Calvert said his side of the story was not shown. “I am not waiting around 3 hours for my ex-wife to respond to me and say yes you can take our child to Ohio or not during a disaster,” he said referring to the massive flood that had hit West Virginia. “We didn’t have no water, electricity and everything was flooded, debris everywhere. So, no I was trying to spend some quality time with my daughter while I had a chance to be home from South Dakota even though it was a complete nightmare trip and everybody lost everything. So, I tried my best to communicate. I can’t help if somebody don’t answer their phone, read text messages or whatever the situation may be on that behalf. I can only do what I can do.”

In a followup Instagram video, Calvert then blasted MTV, and explained how the filming really happened, saying, “The phone conversations you all saw tonight, were took a week later when I was already back in West Virginia, packing my clothes, getting ready to go back to work in Sioux Falls, South Dakota,” he said. “Therefore MTV, all they want to do is stir the pot and cause more drama that was unnecessary. Because we had already hashed out the issues, but they wanted to bring it back up so they have some good drama for TV for you all to watch and get your own opinions about and get the ratings through the roof. So there you go on that bunch of bulls–t.”


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