Teen Mom 2’s Jeremy Calvert Gets Backlash For ‘Concerning’ Instagram Photo

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At this point, both fans and celebrities are well aware that no one can post almost anything on social media without expecting some sort of criticism or backlash, and reality stars are some of the worst to receive it.

On Tuesday, November 1, Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy Calvert, who is the ex-husband of Leah Messer, was under a lot of backlash after he posted an Instagram photo of his daughter with Messer, Adalynn, posing with a huge rifle. “She said daddy, lets go hunting and shoot a coyote… lol better watch out bous she wont miss lol haha p.s. yes people its a gun and its also unloaded get over it… #daddieshunter #mybaby.”

Despite his disclaimer that the gun was not loaded, Calvert was quickly flooded by comments from concerned and irate followers, saying the picture was “deeply troubling,” and another saying, “I can’t say I’ve ever commented on a celebrity’s post before but this really saddened me. When did childhood stop meaning innocence? Around guns there can be no innocence.”

Although the reality star did have a lot of supporters as well for teaching his daughter about guns at a young age, Calvert posted another photo of a written response for all the criticism. “Okay to all you idiots, I was taught the correct way to handle a firearm at a very young age, and guess what so will my child. Therefore with that being said all guns in my home are locked up behind a closed door duh,” he began. “And to all of you that are against guns and dont have them nor want them I hope no one ever tries to enter your home and bring harm to your family. I think thats more dangerous now days than owning a firearm and knowing the proper way to use it in case of a emergency. Unless ur going to wait around and hope the law is super fast getting to you. Good luck…NRA all the way…”

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