No Kardashian Parking Anytime Signs Posted All Over L.A.

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Plastic Jesus is at it again. This may be a new personal favorite.

If you’re not familiar with the street art of the individual known as Plastic Jesus, you’re about to get your first dose. The artist, who everyone presumes to be a man, is Los Angeles-based. Without being similar to Banksy, he is similar to Banksy. Basically, we don’t know who this person is, but their art ranges from graffiti to installs.

Back to the Kardashians. Like so many of us, Plastic Jesus doesn’t have a problem with the Kardashians personally, he is just sick and tired of the societal influence oozing from their makeup covered pores. So, Plastic Jesus made up some stellar “No Parking” signs that look quite official, and suggest red zone parking. “No Kardashian Parking Anytime.”

The signs have been placed throughout the area of Hollywood and West Hollywood/Beverly Hills adjacent, where people most often shop for clothing. The award for best placement of a sign is the one right in front of the Kardashians retail store, DASH.

Is it mean-spirited? Nah. The Kardashian krew will see the story, see the signs and laugh all the way to bank to pull out $1,000 in cash for lunch, a massage and a mani/pedi. The indictment is really on the rest of us for making these people famous. Along those lines, Plastic Jesus is also famous for the stencil art suggesting to “Stop making stupid people famous…” If you’ve seen that as a meme, or painted on a wall somewhere, it’s likely an imitator. Still, the sentiment is too powerful to ignore.

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