Nathan Griffith Speaks Out About ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Drama

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Over the weekend, news broke that the taping of the Teen Mom 2 reunion show for this season had to be temporarily shut down following a major fight backstage concerning star Jenelle Evans and her ex Nathan Griffith.

Since the reports came out, Evans has gone on the defensive, meanwhile Griffith and his girlfriend Ashley Lanhart have also spoken out, telling their side of the story. In a 12-minute Periscope video, Griffith detailed what happened, and stated that much of Evans’ story was lies including her claims that Lanhart attacked her.

In the video title “Unsealed files of the biggest lies on planet Earth,” Griffith, who is the father to Evans’ second son Kaiser, also explained that his girlfriend had not agreed to film, but was backstage to support him, and as soon as Evans saw her she became enraged, yelling, “I thought you didn’t want to film, b–ch.” Lanhart also told her story on the video, stating, ““I stopped, and said, ‘Hi, Jenelle, I’m Ashley. You haven’t met me either, but you think you know everything about me.’ It just transpired from there,” she said. “I never attacked her. I never called her any names, I didn’t cuss her out. Yes I raised my voice, but she was doing all the attacking. It’s pretty sad when even the producers that don’t know me, are in my room, on my side because they know how much drama she has. She’s just so dramatic.”

While Lanhart went on to state she has no issues with Jenelle and respects her as Kaiser’s mother, it was clear Griffith wasn’t having it, “I’m sick of Jenelle’s lies. It’s ridiculous. She needs to be drug test. She needs to take responsibility for thee children and she needs to start being an involved parent that doesn’t worry about herself.”

Now, there seems to be even more drama erupting between Evans and her costars Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry and especially Chelsea DeBoer and her father Randy Houska. After Randy supported Griffith’s claims of what happened, Evans and her husband David Eason have been attacking him on social media.

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