Matthew Perry Reveals He Spent Past Three Months In The Hospital

Photo by Jen Lowery/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock

Photo by Jen Lowery/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock

Beloved Friends actor Matthew Perry has had a difficult past few months as he recently revealed that he has been hospitalized for quite some time after undergoing surgery earlier this year.

On Friday, September 14, the actor took to his Twitter to share, “Three months in a hospital bed. Check,” and although he did not go on to say whether or not that meant he was being released, the news came as a shock.

Although it was confirmed that the 49-year-old underwent gastrointestinal surgery for a perforation earlier this year, the actor did not reveal how serious it was or how much hospital time was required.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The outcome of the surgery depends on how early the ailment was diagnosed, how severe the perforation is and whether the patient had another illness at the time. appendicitis, stomach ulcers, gallstones and Crohn’s disease can cause gastrointestinal perforations, as can a stabbing to the abdomen and abdominal surgery. In addition, smoking and excessive alcohol use can increase a person’s risk of getting one.

Of course, Perry has been open about his own battles with alcohol and substance abuse, especially concerning his Vicodin addiction. “I couldn’t stop,” Perry said back in 2013.“Eventually things got so bad that I couldn’t hide it, and then everybody knew.”

“You can’t have a drug problem for 30 years and then expect to have it be solved in 28 days,” Perry told The Hollywood Reporter in a video for Phoenix House, a California-based treatment center where Perry has gotten treatment.

“At Phoenix House, I was very moved by the hope that I saw there, which is what this is all about,” Perry said, adding that “getting sober is a really hard thing to do.”

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