Kim Kardashian’s Racism Comment Sparks Controversy!

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Kim Kardashian is going the way of West. Kanye West. She has decided it’s time to become a little more socially aware. It’s not as if she hasn’t observed social injustice before, but with the aid of her beaux, she’s seeing that things like racism are more prominent than she ever cared to notice.

We all know of the altercation between Kanye and some Beverly Hills teenager earlier this year, yes? No? Well… quickly: the teen allegedly called Kim a “N****r lover,” and a “slut.” This teen was, after all, trying help Kim escape the paparazzi. And when she asked him to stop using racial epitaphs toward the photographers, he turned on her. Kanye showed up later, and dropped the boom.

That incident, as well as a few since then, have opened Kim’s eyes to harsh realities of the world. Perhaps in her millionaire bubble, she was unaware that racism was well disguised by money, opulence and excess. Now, she gets it. She sees that it’s a serious problem. And that’s a good thing when you’re as influential as Kim Kardashian.

Here’s to hoping that Kim keeps it simple. Kanye has yet to perfect his approach, and his ever-changing diatribe, which is possibly the reason Kim took so long to get things figured out. If she just sticks to understanding the difference between racism, derogatory comments and bigotry, and suggests that they’re all wrong, then it will serve her well.

To hear the specifics of Kim’s social media post on the topic, check out the video below!

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