Kim Kardashian’s Chic Airport Style Puts Us All To Shame!

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What does Kim Kardashian wear to the airport? No sweatpants here…

The 33 year-old reality star and Vogue cover girl was spotted at the aiport recently, where she and her family hopped on a plane to China.

But the destination is less impressive than Kim’s wardrobe — a cream-colored maxi dress with a super-high slit, matching high heels, a black leather jacket, and of course, perfect hair and makeup. We know that maxi dresses are generally comfortable — but we can tell that Kim’s choice was all about style. Check out the videot o see her airport fashion!

The mom also pushed baby North in a stroller, as if looking this good at an airport while taking care of a baby is no big deal.

Kim headed for China along with Kris, Khloe, Kendall and Bruce — and there’s no word yet on what the family is doing there.

Kim recently made headlines when some were outraged that she and Kanye grace the cover of the latest issue of Vogue — but the family isn’t even aware of the backlash (or at least Kourtney isn’t).

“I haven’t seen any reaction. I’ve literally been unpacking,” Kourtney said in an interview. “But, I don’t hear about any news. I’m kind of like the last to hear about anything. I posted [the Vogue cover] on my Instagram and saw these amazing responses and stuff and I’m so happy for her.”

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Amanda Young