Kim Kardashian Tackled At Paris Fashion Week (Watch)

Elizabeth Wu /

Well… it is football season. Maybe Kim Kardashian was just looking to to get into the spirit of things?

It was a rough go for the socialite when she arrived with mother Kris and their entourage at Paris Fashion Week. The paparazzi were in full effect, and it seemed that some had less than photographic motives in capturing Kim.

According to witnesses, the group of photographers and members of the press pushed in hard on Kim and Kris when they exited their vehicle, and one man wrapped his arms around Kim’s legs, and tried to take her to the ground.

Fortunately, Kim had all that football playing experience from her days dating Reggie Bush, and she was able to break the tackle with the help of some security guards on hand. She was quickly ushered away from the group of paparazzi, a little flustered from the experience.

It would be fascinating to interview someone after an experience like this, and ask them if the fame is really worth it. At some point, something like this could escalate to far worse than a tackle. It was less than a year ago that Kanye punched some poor sap in the face for saying the wrong thing to Kim.

Or… we could look at this thing from a completely different perspective. It’s Kim Kardashian, and she hasn’t been in the news much over the past two weeks (seriously, all the stories have been about her sisters and mom). Maybe she needed a little pity from fans, and hired this dude to almost tackle her.

To see some madness from the mini-melee, check out the video below.


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