Kim Kardashian Goes Incognito To Surprise Fans!

s_bukley / Shutterstock.comKim Kardashian went undercover — to surprise her biggest fans!

The reality star wanted to see what her fans would say when she wasn’t around, so she put on an elaborate disguise — different hair, cheekbones, teeth, glasses, etc. — and hung out with them all day without their knowledge. It was all part of the debut of the Wendy Williams-executive produced series, Celebrities Undercover. 

She tested their loyalty when she had an assistant tell the fans Kim had cheated on Kanye with another music star the night before, and then brought in a tabloid reporter to see what they’d say about the secret incident. The fans had her back, saying that “a rumor is just a rumor.”

But the coolest moment took place when Kim took the fans to her house and finally came clean and took off her disguise. Even her sister Kourtney was fooled by Kim’s nerdy exterior! Check out the video to see the shocked fans, who all got a hug after Kim insisted, “You’ve been hanging out with me all day!”

Celebrities Undercover airs Tuesday nights at 10:30 p.m. on Oxygen. Future celebrities on the show include T-Pain, Fantasia, Joey Fatone, Lil’ Kim, Chili, Anthony Anderson, Jaleel White, Adrienne Bailon, Ice-T and Coco.

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Amanda Young