Kim Kardashian Crashes Her Car Then Does Something Great!

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Stop what you’re doing. Seriously. Kim Kardashian experienced a minor traffic incident. You’ll want to read this! Because after the traffic incident she did something so awesome, you’ll want to make a historical journal entry about it. Actually, you’ll want to call home and tell your mom, “You’re never gonna believe what Kim Kardashian did!?” It’s that good!

Let’s waste no time in getting to this gem–this gem about Kim.

Kim was cruising in her Mercedes G-Series tank–just out and about in Beverly Hills when she was looking to make a left turn. A car approaching in the opposite direction was alleged to be driving with a right turn signal on. Kim thought she’d just turn in behind the fellow who was going to turn right, but he was just driving with his signal on unaware. Are you following? When Kim turned, she totally dinged the dude.

The two remained pleasant throughout the conversation, pulled their vehicles into the driveway of the Beverly Hills Hotel, where the two exchanged information, and then did something that was a little out of the ordinary, especially post-accident.

You wanna know what happened–I know you do. And you’ll have to check out the video to hear and see for yourself. These typed words just won’t do it justice. Bottom line, Kim is a sweetheart. There has to be some level of grace within her to take as many punches as she has from the media, and rarely lash out.

Check out the video to see exactly what Kim did–something I bet you’ve never done after an accident.

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Fame 10 Staff

Fame 10 Staff