Jenelle Evans Sends Cease And Desist Letters To Chelsea Houska And Kailyn Lowry

Source: MTV

Source: MTV

The drama for the stars of Teen Mom 2 certainly doesn’t stop when the cameras stop rolling!

On Monday, November 27, Teen Mom 2 stars Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry confirmed they had received cease and desist letters from their costar Jenelle Evans.

According to RADAR, the letter accuses Houska and Lowry of  “defamation of character, libel and slander,” reading: “You are hereby warned and notified to cease and desist making false and defamatory statements regarding Mr. and Mrs. Eason and their family affairs. It has come to our attention that false and defamatory statements disparaging Mr. and Mrs. Eason’s character have been made by you via numerous social media postings.”

After receiving the letter, both stars took to their social media to share their reactions with Chelsea sharing a funny gif while writing, “I just got a cease and desist letter from Jenelle and David. So there’s that lollll. #idonteventalkaboutyou.” Kailyn also took to her twitter to write, “How does one get a cease & desist from someone they don’t care to talk about…& if I did, it’s my opinion.” Kailyn then responded to Chelsea’s tweet with, “She literally posted my number on twitter last year but we get cease & desists.”

It seems Chelsea’s father Randy also received a letter as he tweeted, “Apparently it is libelous to say that people should not fight in front of their children. Not specific people, just people.”

When Leah Messer was asked if she also was sent a letter, she replied, ““We shall see.. I haven’t made it home yet. I was literally harassed for a week or two via text messages from Jenelle after I was home from the reunion #thisiscraziness.”

Evans is known for having issues with her costars in the past, but it seems these letters are pertaining to a fight that allegedly broke out between herself and her ex Nathan and his girlfriend Ashley at the reunion show taping a month ago.

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