Brody Jenner Walks In On Kim K’s ‘Sinful’ Photo Shoot

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Kim Kardashian is known for her sexy looks and daring necklines — but it’s another thing to see it in the flesh.

Brody Jenner, her step-brother, felt understandably awkward when he walked in on Kim getting her picture taken for a “sinful” photo shoot. In the most recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Brody accidentally turned a corner and saw Kim in some sexy poses that caught her off guard.

Kim, who we only see wearing a tight white dress, simply says “leave” as he obeys while yelling, “What the f—? Oh my God” and laughing.

After relaxing for a second, he explains to his friends that Kim was having her photo taken while she was wearing an outfit that featured all of her various assets without leaving much to the imagination. “The whole nine,” he said. “And I just fully walked in on it.”

Check out the video to see Kim’s “sinful” outfit — and Brody’s embarrassed reaction!

“How do you feel about that?” his friend teased. “Why do you seem so flustered?”

“Because it was awkward,” he explained. “I’m about to leave this room.”

Brody finally admitted that he was indeed a little turned on by his step sister.

Check out the video to see it all go down:


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