Young And The Restless Characters Fans Hated But Grew To Love

There is something beautiful about long-term growth on soap operas. Characters can start off as a villain/villainess on daytime drama shows, where relatable storylines help them to evolve over the years. While fans may start off hating a specific character, over time said character can win them over. Below are Young and the Restless (Y&R) characters that fans hated, but grew to love.

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12. Amber Moore

Amber Moore first appeared on Bold and the Beautiful, Y&R’s sister show, and was portrayed as a gold digger and schemer. When she made the jump to Genoa City in late 2006, Amber was pretty much up to her old tricks; however, as time wore on, Moore would evolve into a very decent person with a nice connection to Katherine Chancellor. She not only won the love of Y&R viewers, but also the respect of many in town.

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11. Chelsea Lawson

What’s up with scheming ladies in this town? Chelsea was a con artist when she first hit Genoa City in 2011, where she tricked Billy Abbott into fathering her child. As time wore on, Chelsea ditched her scheming ways and became one of the top heroines on the show, becoming a strong businesswoman and amazing mother, partner, and friend. She was so popular, fans even loved her during her exit storyline when she dumped Nick through a letter, skipped town with her young son, leaving Newman broken hearted and confused.

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10. Adam Newman

Speaking of Chelsea, Adam Newman was one of the most-hated citizens of Genoa City at one point in time. His schemes against Victor, his siblings, Sharon, and Ashley left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Having said that, when actor Justin Hartley was recast into the role in 2014, something happened to Adam. He and Chelsea would clean up their act together, and Adam was redeemed in Genoa City… for a little while, at least!

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9. Lauren Fenmore

In the early 1980s, Lauren Fenmore wasn’t exactly the nicest of ladies, having a huge rivalry with good girl Traci Abbott. Having said that, the rivalry really started as a result of the schemes and bullying Lauren lashed out at Traci. Years would pass, Lauren would meet Paul Williams, and the relationship matured her enough to win over fans. She put her nasty ways behind her and has been a pretty great character since.

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8. Colin Atkinson

While it’s been some time since Y&R fans have seen Cane’s bio dad, Colin started off the show as a controlling father with a criminal background. In fact, there was a point in time where Lily and Cane didn’t want their young twins anywhere near him. Over the years, the Colin character has softened up incredibly and has been portrayed as more of a joker and charmer than anything else. It makes it no wonder why Jill Abbott has such a soft spot in her heart for him, despite all the tricks he pulls.


7. Hilary Hamilton

Many Y&R fans were devasted with the death of Hilary Hamilton, as actress Mishael Morgan bid adieu to the show after five incredible years. When Hilary first entered Genoa City she was quite the troublemaker and that didn’t stop much even up until the end of her days on Y&R; however, Hilary won audiences over with her realness, strength, and never-back-down attitude.

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6. Gloria Bardwell

Gloria Bardwell was once a villainess on the Y&R, where many fans had a tremendous hate-on for the character. As the years have passed, Gloria turned up her meddling mother-in-law qualities and has brought an air of comedic relief when it comes to intense storylines, leaving fans smiling, rather than seething, after some of her scenes.

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5. Phyllis Summers

When Phyllis conned Danny Romalotti into thinking that baby Daniel was his son in the early 1990s, Y&R fans were outraged. While Phyllis continues to scheme now and again, she’s reformed from her ways for the most part over the years. She has a huge fan base that accepts the fact that she is far from perfect, and respects her fire and spunk.

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4. Michael Baldwin

While the Phyllis character has evolved, one thing has stayed a constant throughout her evil-to-good transformation: BFF Michael Baldwin. After all, he had a solid evolution himself. He went from an overall sleaze-ball lawyer who harassed Christine Blair to someone that many trust and admire within Genoa City. He’s undeniably won the love of many Y&R viewers and is considered one of the show’s fan favorites.

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3. Jill Abbott

Jill Abbott has seen and done it all in Genoa City. While Y&R fans may have hated her when she was younger, over the past decades of being on the show, she has earned the respect of viewers and has redeemed herself countless times. She’s a strong woman, with a flair for business, and (for the most part) has left her scheming days behind her. At this point, she only uses her plotting powers for good (or good intentions).

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2. Jack Abbott

Jack Abbott is one of the biggest players on Y&R today. While he has been on the show for decades now, fans may have disliked him in his early years, yet he has more than earned their affection. It’s hard to believe he was once a liar, cheater, and even schemed behind his dad’s back. While Jack isn’t perfect, and still looks for ways to annoy The Moustache, he is still quite loved by fans today.

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1. Victor Newman

Speaking of The Moustache, he’s a ruthless businessman, a control freak, and seems to be emotionless at times; however, Y&R fans just love their Victor Newman! Is it because they love to hate him, or the fact that when push comes to shove, Victor does show his heart now and again? It may also be due to the fact that writers have shown a multi-dimensional Newman character over the years, presenting storylines that offered insight into why he is the way he is. Either way, Victor is undeniably a pivotal Y&R character on the show today, one that fans can’t live without.

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