Y&R: 12 Jabot CEOs Ranked From Worst To Best

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Genoa City has had a flurry of global corporate activity happening on a weekly basis and at the hub of it all lies Jabot Cosmetics. The company was established by Abbott family patriarch John Abbott and has created a splash in the land of beauty products. It has also created a ton of drama for the family, especially when it comes to who the CEO and leader of the corporation should be. With the recent CEO drama taking over the storylines on the Young and the Restless (Y&R), Fame10 is ranking 12 Jabot CEOs from worst to best.

12. Victor Newman

Yes, Victor has been a CEO for Jabot and while he’s an incredibly savvy businessman, Victor’s number one priority has always been Newman Enterprises. Besides, acting as CEO for Jabot was more about getting back at nemesis Jack Abbott then ever running a highly profitable cosmetics company. He’s a tremendous corporate leader, but probably not the best choice for Jabot’s CEO position.

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11. Ji Min Kim

Those long-time Y&R fans will remember Ji Min, a man who strolled into Genoa City in 2006 for a short while and acted as Jabot’s CEO. In the end, he wasn’t the best leader of the company as he initially was brought to town by Jack Abbott as a pawn in his game to re-acquire Jabot after a settlement established Jack could not own the company his dad fought so hard to build.

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