Young And The Restless: 12 Truly Disappointing Storylines

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Soap operas are known for their outlandish storylines and sometimes the over-the-top dramatics of it all can be entertaining. Young and the Restless (Y&R) has told some incredible stories over the years; however, there have been times when things haven’t made sense to viewers as stories unravel. Below are 12 truly disappointing Y&R storylines:

12. Brad’s Death

Brad Carlton was a staple on the Y&R for over two decades, which made his death in 2009 devastating for may soap opera audiences. Y&R rarely brings characters back from the dead and Carlton’s death was quite final in the fact that his body was found, and an official funeral was held. Was it a mistake to kill Brad in such a big way, ensuring to close a door on any return? Many Y&R fans think so.

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11. Ashley’s 2009 Miscarriage

When Ashley Abbott miscarried in June 2009, Adam Newman was at the helm of it all and did everything he could to not get discovered. So much so, he had Ashley believe she was pregnant for months after she miscarried. Yes, Ashley was unstable; however, many fans furiously questioned why Ashley had not felt the aftermath of her miscarriage and how she could go on for so long thinking she was pregnant.

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