RHONY: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Carole Radziwill And Adam Kenworthy’s Relationship


Real Housewives of New York City star Carole Radziwill met self-taught chef and non-profit Nicaraguan fruit farmer, Adam Kenworthy back in 2014 while filming an episode of the Bravo reality series. Despite their 22-year age gap and the fact that many people doubted whether the relationship would last, including Carole herself, these two seem to be stronger than ever! Even though they are on a reality show, they like to keep their relationship fairly private, so not much is known about their personal life together. Here’s a look at 8 things you probably didn’t know about Carole Radziwill and Adam Kenworthy’s relationship!

8. How Did They Meet?

When Carole Radziwill first met Adam Kenworthy, she was 51 and he was 29. Kenworthy was working as personal chef for LuAnn De Lesseps party in the Hamptons. Carole was one of the guests at the party. The party was filmed as part of season 7, so viewers got to see their relationship unfold on camera from the moment they met. “I mean, the fact that the cameras were there the second I walked into the kitchen and he turned around and said, ‘Hi, my name is Adam,’ [is] just hilarious. It was eight months later by the time [the episode] got on the air. So to watch that initial moment when we met was really like a little bit of magic. I think we had an instant chemistry, and to see that now, knowing how it all turned out, is kind of cool,” said Carole.


7. Their First Date

In an episode of season 7 when Carole and Adam had first started dating, Carole told the other ladies about her first date with the vegan chef which included accidentally taking drugs, a pedicab ride and throwing up on him! “I have a theory about puking. First of all, guys aren’t really grossed out by things, and as a woman it makes you seem really vulnerable and they like that,” she said. He stayed overnight after their first date, and the two hung out the entire next day. He even took her out on another date the following night!

6.  Carole Didn’t Know Adam was a Vegan

In an interview with The Daily Dish, Adam said it took Carole a while to realize that he was a vegan. She didn’t learn about his dietary restrictions until one day she finally asked why he only seemed to order plant based foods at restaurants. “She jokes with people — it’s not joking — but she tells people ‘When I met Adam I didn’t realize he was a vegan.’ … I wasn’t making it a big deal…So Carole wasn’t aware of that for the longest time until she started to realize ‘You never order meat when we go out.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, no yeah, I don’t really eat meat or eggs or dairy,'” he said. The whole thing seems pretty funny because being a vegan is a big part of Adam’s life considering his specialty is in vegan cooking!

5. New Hobbies

Carole has admitted that she’s not big into cooking, but since she started dating Adam, she’s been a lot more open to eating in and carefully selecting what she eats. “I’m dating a chef, so recently I got into food and cooking. Normally, I don’t really care too much for food. Now I am serious about eating healthy, thanks to him. He makes these noodles out of zucchini with marinara sauce or pesto. I’m a carb junkie, all I eat is bread (I have a very steady metabolism). So the girl who turned her kitchen into an office is finally going back into the kitchen and having fun” she said in an interview with Stylecaster.

4. Work Collaborations

For a while Adam and Carole talked about writing a cookbook and were even filmed working on the project. It’s unclear how far they got into the process before they unexpectedly pulled the plug. Apparently it was causing unnecessarily tension in their relationship which is why they had to abandon it. “We’ve sort of put it on the back burner. We were just arguing about it every time we got together to work on it. I just thought this isn’t fun. Maybe we’ll do something else. It was just that every time we got together to try and work on it, we didn’t see eye to eye,” said Carole. Adam added: “I think we’re coming from different backgrounds. She’s a writer, I’m a chef.”

3. Her Favorite Dish of Adam’s

One of the great things about dating a chef is all the amazing food! While Carole has admitted she pretty much only eats carbs, Adam has opened up a whole new world of eating healthy. Her favorite dish of his is zucchini noodles with marinara sauce. He said it took her a while to figure out that what she was eating wasn’t traditional noodles and instead was a vegetable! “He makes this great cauliflower pizza. Pizza’s my favorite food, but my pizza’s like greasy Joe’s pizza on Carmine Street and he makes a very delicious vegan pizza. It’s cauliflower crust — it looks like dough, tastes great. And I also love zucchini noodles, because pasta’s my other favorite dish. He makes pasta out of zucchini and it tastes like pasta but it’s zucchini. It’s amazing,” she said.


2. Shacking Up

In an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Carole said she and Adam are together nearly every night, so it made sense for them to move in together, but she insists the two are simply “shacking up” and it seems to be going well! “He’s looking for [a place]. He brought in just the minimum amount. I’m very neat and we’re working that out,” said Carole. “He’s a real homebody which is fine with me, ’cause we love to binge-watch.” In the most recent episodes of RHONY it does seem like Carole still wants to make it clear that she and Adam aren’t thinking or marriage or long-term, they are still just enjoying each other’s company.

1. Lessons They’ve Learned From Each Other

It’s not surprising that their 22-year age gap has taught them both some interesting lessons in their relationship. In an interview with The Daily Dish, Kenworthy said the two are constantly learning new things from each other and that he’s fascinated with Carole’s life. “We’re always learning new things about each other. We’re both pretty open, but there’s always things that kind of come up when you’re in the first couple years of dating someone. I feel like there’s a lot to learn from Carole. Her whole background as a writer, it’s interesting,” he said.

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