Y&R Weigh In: Should Devon Be Granted Shared Custody Of Dominic?

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Until last fall, most The Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans could answer any questions around Dominic’s custody in a heartbeat: he was Abby and Chance’s responsibility, period. Throughout Mariah’s surrogacy attachments, as well as Chance’s MIA status, that belief never wavered. 

However, many viewers are beginning to change their tune. While staunch Abby supporters have the terms of Devon’s sperm donor agreement to lean on, Devon supporters point to a growing number of red flags that question just how fit Abby and Chance are to be Dominic’s parents. 

Reviewing the behavior of all parties and looking at Y&R spoilers for the week to come, it’s time to weigh in on this hot button issue: should Devon be granted shared custody?

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In most sperm donor agreement scenarios, Devon wouldn’t have much of a case. By signing into a contract with Abby and Chance, he agreed to be identified as a donor and not a father. Yet, this storyline has not unfolded like most sperm donor agreement scenarios – in classic soap opera fashion!

So what gives Devon the right to challenge the terms of their contract? According to Y&R spoilers for the coming week, Amanda will focus on some key issues as she outlines a case for her billionaire boyfriend. The major sticking points for Amanda will include Chance’s dangerous occupation and the lengthy absences which caused him to miss most of Dominic’s life.

Obviously, Chance doesn’t look like ideal father material – and he’s confessed as much to Abby. Mrs. Newman-Abbott-Chancellor may claim that Chance’s dedication to his job is one of the things she loves most about him, but a custody judge may feel differently. 

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Chance initially refused to come home from his mission, even when it nearly ended his life. So what kind of assurances will Dominic have if his father-figure throws that dedication into yet another dangerous mission? It’s a reasonable question.

But what Devon and Amanda don’t know is that Chance’s profession is only half the problem. They may have lingering suspicions that Chance is struggling mentally, but it’s manifesting itself into a much bigger problem for Dominic. In recent episodes, Chance told Abby that he might not be able to father the boy, yet moments later, in Crimson Lights, he was a kid in a candy store as Rey described a missing person’s case. 

Chance’s priorities may give Devon a foot in the door, legally, but if Amanda really wants to make a case, she’ll have to zero in on Abby as well. Abby’s judgment to allow Ben “Stitch” Rayburn into her life was well-meaning, however her willingness to be out of touch with Mariah for such a long period of time (when the surrogate had indeed been kidnapped by “Stitch”) doesn’t look good.

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Abby’s frantic video diaries to Chance during that time could be used as Exhibit A through Z to prove her parental panic, but it might help the opposition as well. Because where was Chance while his unborn son was abducted? None of our business, that’s where!

As long as we’re sprinting through Mariah’s abduction, it’s worth noting where Devon was: running around as Rey’s de facto partner and pinpointing “Stitch” as the prime suspect. He was even present to help deliver his own biological son, when he and Abby made it to Mariah’s location in the nick of time.

It may seem unfair to compare Chance and Devon’s intentions, due to one father having a significant geographical advantage over the other. However, they contrast just as sharply insofar as their emotional connection to Dominic is concerned.

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Did any Y&R viewer’s heart not melt when Devon was telling Dominic about Neil, or bragging to Amanda about how the baby lifted his head? Meanwhile, Chance gets frustrated when Dominic fusses, basically telling Abby he isn’t ‘feeling it’. Although more insight into Chance’s mental health might explain his behavior, it won’t excuse the absentee father that Dominic is stuck with.

Abby’s privileged lifestyle is another factor to analyze. Both Devon and Abby are enormously wealthy, but those resources reveal strikingly clear differences in their parenting styles. Hamilton put his life and career on hold when Abby dropped her baby off like it was dry-cleaning. She refused to say where she was going, but hinted that it “might take a while”. 

On the other hand, when Abby recently came by to disappoint Devon with the news that she would not revisit the terms of their agreement, where was Dominic? Not with Chance, but out with the nanny. 

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The aftermath of Abby’s visit with Hamilton on the episode for January 5th really hammered home their attitudes around parenthood. Devon felt defeated, but couldn’t blame anyone but himself. He realizes that he didn’t fight for rights when they were drafting the legal documents, so he’s made his own bed. If he cannot spend more time with Dominic, it isn’t for lack of trying. 

The scene then transitioned to Chancellor mansion, where Abby was cooing to Dominic about how Devon wouldn’t be around for a while. She’s made peace with the decision, although it’s for Chance’s benefit, not Dominic’s. And again, where’s Chance? Abby calls, and gets his voicemail.

Viewers can tell there’s more trouble on the horizon for “Chabby”; only this time, Devon might not be around to bail them out of it. Wouldn’t it be best for all parties involved if Devon was granted additional time with Dominic?  

Should Devon be granted shared custody of Dominic?

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