New Soap Opera Characters That Were Immediately Written Off

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The land of daytime drama is a revolving door. One minute a character is living their best life on a soap opera, and the next, they are gone. This can be devastating for fans of a long-term character, but many newer soap opera characters suffer the same fates as well. Below is a list of 12 new soap opera characters that were immediately written off the show.

12. Travis Crawford – Young and the Restless

Some Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans may remember Travis Crawford during his brief stint in 2016. He was the bartender-turned-corporate executive that swept Victoria Newman off her feet while she was on the outs with Billy Abbott. The two were even set to get married. Sadly, mere months into his debut, Travis was written off the show after Vicky realized he had an affair with another woman. She kicked him out of the house, and he left Genoa City for good.

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11. Summer Townsend – Days of Our Lives

Summer strolled into the land of Salem in a very unique storyline where Brady Black began having dreams of her, shortly after he received Daniel Jonas’ heart via a transplant. Turned out Summer was Daniel’s half-sister and the daughter of Maggie Horton. Despite the incredible roots she planted within Days of Our Lives (DOOL), thanks to her family, her character left town after only six months onscreen.

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10. Reece Marshall – General Hospital

Digging into the General Hospital (GH) history vault, we come up with a new character who came to Port Charles in 2005. An FBI agent, Reese Marshall specialized in missing children and came to the little town to help Sonny Corinthos find a young (and kidnapped) Kristina. Sonny would fall for the beautiful Marshall; however, some months later, the Reese character was killed off.

9. Serena Mason – Days of Our Lives

New to Salem, Serena popped into town in late 2014. As a journalist, she was doing research for a story; however, the true reason she came to Salem’s University Hospital was in hopes of winning back ex-beau, Eric Brady. She was unsuccessful in this mission and ended up being a victim of the Necktie Serial Killer some months later.

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8. Scott Grainger – Young and the Restless

Scott Grainger wasn’t a new character to the show per se; however, adult Scott certainly did feel new to Y&R viewers who were only exposed to him as a child in the past. He popped on the scene in 2017 and dived right into storylines as Victor saved him from kidnappers. Scott would wine and dine some of the hottest women in Genoa City, including Phyllis Summers, Sharon McAvoy, and Abby Newman. Sadly, Scott was written out of storylines some months after his grand return and has not been heard from since.

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7. Angel Sorel – General Hospital

Angel Sorel only lasted a mere five months on GH, but managed to have romances with not only Sonny Corinthos, but Jasper Jax as well. She arrived on the Port Charles scene in 2001, as the daughter of then-mob rival Joseph Ellis. Wrapped in a dramatic storyline that involved action, adventure, and some intrigue, she’d end up leaving town to avoid jail time for killing her father.

6. Arnold Feniger – Days of Our Lives

As a criminal hired by Stefano DiMera, actor Galen Gering played double-duty in 2011, while playing Rafe and Arnold. Arnold was used in a DiMera scheme and had plastic surgery to look like Rafe. A switch was made at one point, and Arnold was directed to wreak havoc in Sami’s life as he ‘pretended’ to be Rafe. The storyline was short-lived, obviously, and Arnold was killed off some months later.

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5. Juliet Helton – Young and the Restless

Juliet strolled into town in early February and rocked the Genoa City scene. She had an affair with Cane, which she labeled as sexual harassment, launched a lawsuit against Brash and Sassy, and also managed to get pregnant with Ashby’s baby. Sadly, she was written out later in 2017 when she died as a result of complications during childbirth.

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4. Arielle Ashton – General Hospital

New GH character Arielle Ashton sailed into town in 1989 along with husband Lord Larry Ashton on the couple’s yacht. As luck would have it, former love Colton Shore would be hired as the ship’s mechanic and would later find out that Arielle was his long-lost love. She tried to get him to break up with then-girlfriend Felicia Jones, but her schemes didn’t work, and she left town after the storyline crumbled.

3. Marina Toscano – Days of Our Lives

In the late ‘80s, Steve’s ex-wife Marina Toscano came to Salem shortly after he married Kayla. Steve thought she was dead, but her arrival meant that his marriage to Kay was invalid. The good news is that she didn’t want him back; the bad news was she needed his help finding a key that would unlock the Toscano family treasure. In the end, she ended up being killed off. As quickly as she stormed into town, she flew out.

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2. Sabrina Newman – Young and the Restless

Sabrina came to Genoa City in hopes of spending more time with BFF Victoria Newman. What she ended up doing was falling in love with Vicky’s dad Victor and embarking on a whirlwind romance. In a matter of months, Victor and Sabrina fell in love, got married, and even started a family. Sadly, their dreams of a happily ever after were shattered when a pregnant Sabrina was involved in a car accident and died shortly after.

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1. Levi Dunkleman – General Hospital

Maxie Jones met Levi while traveling, and brought him back to Port Charles in 2014. He was an eccentric, tree-hugging, free spirit and in a very short time, the two decided to get hitched. Thankfully, before they did so, Levi’s true personality came out and it was revealed that all he really wanted was to extract revenge on Maxie, due to some things her parents did in the past around an Aztec necklace. Levi was killed off some month after he joined the show, and shortly after, Maxie got involved with Nathan West. The rest, as they say, is soap opera super couple history!

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