Hollywood’s 9 Most Adorable Platonic Relationships

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Just because two people of the opposite gender share a close friendship or strong chemistry on-screen doesn’t mean they’ll automatically hit it off as a couple in real-life. Sometimes celebrities are truly better off as friends! Even though fans prefer to have art imitate life for the actors from our favorite movies, it doesn’t always work that way. At least with these kind of friendships, we don’t have to worry about them ever calling it quits — and they’re still super cute with each other! Here’s a look at 9 of the most adorable platonic relationships in Hollywood:

9. Julia Roberts and George Clooney

George Clooney and Julia Roberts have a friendship that goes way back. They starred in their first movie together back in 2001, and recently released another called Money Monster. These two are so close that Clooney once referred to her as family! “What’s fun is it’s really like a family. It makes it easy. It’s really fun to go, ‘Hey, let’s do this movie together,'” said Clooney to People. When he started dating his now wife Amal Clooney, he set up a dinner date to introduce her to Julia. “It was so much fun to have her meet my wife and have both of them be such good friends and hit it off so well.”

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8. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

Young stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have now appeared in three films together, Crazy, Stupid, Love, Gangster Squad and most recently, La La Land. It’s clear from watching any of these projects that they have amazing chemistry on-screen. After working together for the first time, Gosling told MTV, “She’s everything all the time. There’s nobody like her.” In 2017, they were both quick to thank each other when collecting their respective SAG and Golden Globe awards, and have been known to be a little too goofy and distracting with each other while on set!

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7. Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston

Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston might seem like an unlikely match when it comes to friends, but apparently, the two have a lot in common! They keep their friendship pretty well under wraps unless she’s doing an appearance on his show, but have been known to vacation together with their spouses, and Kimmel even officiated Jennifer and Justin Theroux’s secret wedding! Now that’s BFF status!

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6. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

Similar to Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, it’s easy to tell how good of friends these two are by how many movies they’ve starred in together! These two have appeared side by side in numerous critically acclaimed and award-winning films like Serena, Joy, American Hustle, and Silver Linings Playbook. Even though Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper would make a super hot couple, they’ve both admitted they’re better off as friends and do not see each other as anything more. She seems to bring out the goofy side in him which we love!

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5. Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

People loved the movie (500) Days of Summer so much that they could not let go of the idea that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel were not dating. It didn’t help they shared incredible on-screen chemistry and a close friendship off-screen. In an interview with Playboy, Gordon-Levitt insisted him and Deschanel are just friends who share a lot of interests. “We’ve been friends for 10 years. She loves movies, music and art, and she’s incredibly knowledgeable about that stuff. She’s turned me on to so many movies and so much good music. It’s fun just to have conversations, watch movies with her,” he said.

4. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

Popular artists Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are constantly singing praises about each other in the media. Not only have they collaborated on music together, but they’ve toured together and share a pretty legit friendship. Now that Ed Sheeran has his own career, they only see each other a few times a year but are still very close. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Sheeran said, “She would be there if everything ended for me.” Meanwhile, in a Vanity Fair interview, she said: “We’ve gotten matching Scottish folds, made each other arts and crafts Christmas presents, vacationed with our families, and had each other’s backs. He is the James Taylor to my Carole King and I can’t imagine a time when he wouldn’t be.”

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3. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore love to do romantic comedies together! Their list of shared credits dates all the way back to The Wedding Singer in 1998! They’ve also shared the screen for 50 First Dates and Blended. In her book Wildflower, Barrymore talks about how her longtime friendship with Sandler started in her early twenties. “I thought Adam had a goodness that was so unique. I could tell that he possessed something different, and I was drawn to his light. I wanted to make love stories, but I wanted them to have a certain energy that was about true love and chemistry and timelessness, and I was convinced of us doing something together,” she wrote. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Sandler said it’s not awkward at all for his wife when he and Barrymore do rom-coms together — in fact, his wife Jackie loves Barrymore!

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2. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock have been friends for over 25 years. Unlike some of the other friends on this list, Clooney and Bullock haven’t collaborated on many projects until 2013’s Gravity, but it was because they were looking for the right project to work together on. When they worked on the film together Clooney grew close with Bullock’s son Louis, and in the early days when they first became friends, Bullock said he was a great wingman for her! In an interview with Jay Leno back in 2013, she admitted the two go so far back they’ve started dropping years off the number. “I think we’re probably the only two that haven’t dated in the business. I think it’s probably because we’re a little too similar — in all the disturbing ways,” she said.

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1. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

These two have the most well known and publicized platonic friendship in Hollywood. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet formed a close friendship after working together on Titanic and have supported each other in their careers ever since. When Leo finally won an Oscar, Kate was seen applauding and holding back tears of joy for her bestie. As much as people would love to see these two date, it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for them.

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